Why I love kids movies

Okay, this post was not planned, at all. But I am currently watching the sequel of «Hotel Transylvania” and it is so funny. Honestly, I cannot imagine ever not finding children’s movies fun anymore. And here is why.

(this movie is AWESOME).

First of all, the most obvious reason is of course that they always end well. In other movies I am always aware that something horrible and sad is very likely to happen. And that does not mean that I do not enjoy the movie, but it is definitely more relaxing to watch a movie that is just “all fun and games”. I have to admit that I am a very stressed person in general, so when I watch a movie with a lot of suspense and hints that bad things will happen, I easily get very caught up in it and stressed. But come on, let’s be honest, we all love a happy ending. It is how we grow up after all.

Which brings me to the next point. Growing up is a necessary and fun adventure, but sometimes we need to forget everything about vacuuming, essays and bank accounts. What better way to do exactly that then watch a movie from way, way before all they liberating, yet exhausting  lessons of adulthood ever entered your life. Watching Shrek, 101 Dalmatians or Hercules is as fun know, as it was “back in the days”. Maybe even more so know that you get all the dirty jokes.


Don`t grow up, it`s a trap! (https://www.flickr.com/photos/newtown_grafitti/8889644775 Legally downloaded from Flickr via Google).


This is partly what the third point is built around. Most movies for children are made in this genius way when it comes to humor. Everything is said with such enthusiasm that you just have to laugh at even the stupid jokes. Other than that, the movies are designed to not majorly bore parents and, ahem, older siblings, so they also have a lot of jokes that the children will not understand, but that are funny for the elder. Is it wrong of my to laugh a little too much at Hades slightly sexualized comments like “What we need is curves” (followed by demonstrating hand motions) and “Looks like I just revealed the fore-play”. Okay, it might just be my bad humor, but in general, the principle just stands.


(Love the god, love the character. Legally extracted from this youtube video via google).

As you might know, Hades is made a very interesting and funny character in the Hercules Disney movie. You might also know that movies like this, much like the books for the same age group, are often filled with extremely odd and inevitably hilarious characters. The characters are often so strange that it is not realistic at all. Yet, as I previously mentioned, the enthusiasm and the humor level is so high that it feels believable and often the weirdest characters are our favorites. After all we are the “me” “you” generation. A movie experience is just not complete without establishing which odd character resembles your friend most and which resembles you. Then you have to say “omg, that is totally you” after basically everything the character does. Because, let’s be honest, we are all in reality just weird characters who have our own catch phrases and make horrible, yet hilarious, decisions on a daily basis.


That is why I love children’s movies!

If you are brave enough to admit that you watch these types of movies, and we all know that you do, comment which movie is your favorite and who “you” are!

Mother’s Day Gift Ordered!

I am very thankful for every vote; however, the results were very mixed. Therefore, I decided to take a different approach. Well, actually, I was going to order the Louboutin stuff, which one by a few percent, when I realized that it did not directly ship here, which means that I would have to send it to my father in Rochester and get him to ship it to me. In short, time, time and more time. So like I said, I decided to take a different approach. I just ordered a small package of different items instead. I hope that she will like them. Even if she does not, she will say that she does. That is what mothers do.  Okay, with that overly true joke over with, here is what I got her.

The “main” item is this New Look purse in faux snake skin. I really love the look of snake skin, but the look of death, not so much. This purse model is called Libby. I am not sure why, but I kind of like it. It is sort of adorable.

You can get it here!

Furthermore,  just for the gift not to be too boring, I also bought her some jewelry.

I really lucked out on this bracelet, it being the last left. But if they restock, you can find it here 🙂



Lastly, I bought her this necklace that I feel like will really compliment her green eyes 🙂 You can get it here!

So, what do you think? Was the gift acceptable, or should I cancel the order? Like, legit, I think I still have time.

Appreciate all feedback!


Jeffrey Campbell heels <3

Lately, I have been looking at these amazing boots from Jeffrey Campbell. The only problem is that all of them are so incredibly cool that I do not know which pair to go for. So I must once again ask for your help. Which of these should I go for?


The first once are these grey, that seem perfect for work and everyday, especially with leggings and black pants. You can buy them here.


These beige ones remind me of one of my Candies which I love! And they seem very office-y. I don`t know, correct me if I am wrong.  You can buy them here.


I love black. We all do. So these speak for them selves. You can buy them here.


6th class me would throw herself at these, and present day me is struggeling not to as well. Spikes are so cool! You can buy them here.


Like I said, I LOVE glitter, and it being in right now is the best that has happened! Unfortunately though, they do not have these in my size right now, but you can still vote on if I should wait for them. You can buy them here.

Okay, those are the options. Please vote! I seriously appreciate your help!

Three of the day #3


Said no normal, living human being ever!

Still we cannot be defeated just because this day stands for everything evil. The end of the weekend, the start of a new week at school and work, getting up early after no sleep, sacrifices of young virgins. Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the point. We have to turn this douchy day around! Therefore, with no further ado, here are my suggestions.

(http://1purplepixie.deviantart.com/art/Monday-special-165755965. Legally downloaded from deviantart via Google.)

Advice of the day:

Take naps. It is called power naps for a reason. They give you the power to get through the day. And when do you need that the most? Mondays. My friend and I are basically just walking zombies. Even now when I am writing this post in the school cafeteria, which is really fun since I love blogging, I am leaned over by sleepiness and basically dead. So this s being written from a semi-laying position. That does not make it any less important though. After school, I have two hours before work, and you best believe that I will be napping. Yes, sometimes after a nap I feel horrible. I am dizzy, dehydrated and itchy as fuck! But in the long run, when you do not fall asleep involuntary or keep losing focus in conversations, it is definitely worth it. Besides, while you are napping, you feel better than ever. And I think one of the most important strategies for getting through tiresome days, is taking breaks were you just forget about everyone and everything. Yoga, books, daydreaming and naps are perfect for this. Advice of the day: Take a break!

Bilderesultat for yoga

(Legally extracted from Youtube via google.)

Motivation of the day:

The snow is disappearing, which can only mean one thing. The shoe season is right around the corner! Dig out your convers, your ballerinas and your high heels. The ground is nearly bare and you can wear anything on your feet without the fear of dying. Unless you were crocs, than I will kill you. Other than that, go crazy! The motivation to get you through today is that you can go home and raid your closets, suitcases and boxes from under your beds. And do not forget the wonders of shopping! Shop `till you drop, literally if you forget to nap.


(Sparkling shoes are my favorites. By here at Zalando.)

Fashion tip of the day:

Belt up! Even though the snow is close to gone, and the weather is getting warmer, it is still cold enough that we dress warm. This often involves big, woolen garments. For example ponchos and big sweaters. This can often be excessive and lumpy. Therefor my tip is to put a belt around your waist so it feels less overpowering and so that you feel more, you know, women like. Plus, small things like this can often make or break an outfit. So belt up, bitches!


(Genius cape-poncho that comes with belt. Buy here at Zalando.)

Hopefully, these tips helped your day a little. In the same way that blogging helped mine.

Happy napping!

Top 5 Valentine movies!


Here to give you advice on which movies you should see tonight to celebrate eternal and sweet love, is the very, very single Zee! Ha-ha, all devastatingly true jokes aside, here are five movies I think are perfect for tonight; either you are chilling with your cat, your friends or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Alternatively, leftover cake from the mother’s day dinner like me (mother’s day was today here, I`m not crazy. Well, not on account of that anyways). Back to the point, let’s check out some rom-coms.


(Legally extracted from flickr via google. https://www.flickr.com/photos/foundanimalsfoundation/8448412629)

  1. Notting Hill is my favorite typical and classic rom-com. Partly because Hugh Grant is adorable there, but mainly because British and American culture meet there. And I love both American and British culture. I mean, we all do. Right? Either way, this movie, about a small town brit, and a big time American movie star accidently meeting and falling in love, is perfect for all of us. Single, in love, young, old. Cheesy romantics, or cold hearted bitches as my self. It is cheesily perfect.


  1. The amazing Spiderman. Have you ever seen a couple as in love as Peter and Gwen? Of course you haven`t. If they are not “goals”, I have no idea who are. Of course we all love the original Spiderman, but there is just something about the action and passion of the new ones that just speaks to us on a different level. And the romance, is high!


3. The most beloved character of the 90s in the world of books is also the most beloved character of the early 2000s in the world of movies. Watching Bridget Jones figuring out of life, work and love is the most funny and heartwarming experience. Her clumsy and awkwardness makes us all feel great about ourselves, but also makes us low-key wish we could be her, because she is so sweet and naïve, yet sarcastic and intelligent. Not to mention that she just stumbles around in life getting the hottest guys. Colin Firths adorableness in this movie definitely puts the movie high on the VD list. And Hugh Grants sex appeal makes it perfect for the single ladies who want to believe in love, or at least, lust.


2. Although, more of an epic and game changing movie than a rom-com, Twilight is just so beautifully romantic, and over all beautiful actually, that it cannot be left out of the ultimate VD movie list. For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock for the past years, Twilight is about this intelligent and mature seventeen year old, Bella, who moves from Arizona to a small town in Washington to stay with her father so that her mother can follow her baseball husband on his baseball tours or whatever and be happy. She never fit in with her peers, but there she finds someone who understands her. The mysterious, and absolutely gorgeous Edward. He turns out to be a vampire, and tries to stay away from her, but is unable to. I always make amazing movies sound cheesy and weird, but trust me, it is definitely worth seeing, and even more worth reading!


1.You cannot spell Valentine’s Day without Valentine’s Day, am I right? Possibly the most adorable film ever. The story of several different couples valentine’s day were they keep breaking up, making up, and looking to damn good. This is the kind of magic we get when we put the biggest lot of famous actors and actresses together, including my fav couple of all time (that I am still very sad broke up), Taylor and Taylor, AKA, Taylor!


Happy Valentines!

Please help me with my choice!

As you know, today is Valentines Day. Congratulations to all you lovebirds by the way! But here in Norway, it is also mothers day. Which means that I was supposed to give my mother a gift today, however I do not recieve my pay check until tomorrow, which means I will be buying her present tomorrow. Or tuesday, depending on the time. But the point is, that I do not know what to get her. Originally, I was planning on getting her a laptop. But I am not sure anymore. So please help me decide. Her are the options.



HP Stream 13-c102no 13.3″


Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11

She just needs a simple laptop for paying bills and surfing the webs, haha. So I figured either of these would do. I personally have a thing for small, cute laptops.



Millefleurs du Mexique- Hermès

I love Hermès twillys! They are just so cool and simple and work with almost anything and for everyone. And I think this mixture of red, coral and salmon would do perfectly with her complexion!

Petal RoseRouge Louboutin

Petal Rose Sheer Voile- Louboutin        Rouge Louboutin

Is this the most relaxing lipstick color ever, or what? And her is the nailpolish that has practically dominated the field since 2014.


Or, as a fifth option, her wishes. Which are a book, a green eyeliner and burgundy lipstick and nailpolish.


Your help is VERY much appreciated!



7 things I learned from being a child

I always read tips from bloggers to fellow bloggers because it inspires me. Today it did more than inspire me. It made me want to write about the exact thing it proposed. Fat Mum Slim, 50 sweet things to write about article 16, seven things you learned from being a kid. Well, I actually read the list just a minute ago, so i have not really started thinking about what this list might possibly contain yet, so let us just assume that you are in for a bumpy ride.

(The only thing that really mattered growing Bratz! Extracted from wikipedia via google).

  1. “Age is just a number, baby.” As we know, the beloved Stephanie Meyer character Jacob Black said these words to Bella in Twilight. And growing up, we know that it is true. The younger you are, the more you can see the difference in the development. In one part of the schoolyard, you have the kids playing Pokémon and running around telling jokes they do not understand themselves. Then in the other part you have the calm reader types (future hipsters) talking about how Aslan is a symbol for Jesus and that Frankenstein was not meant to be about a super cool monster at all, but rather a symbol of the sadness and loneliness that all humans feel. Now that I am older, I can think back at how unfair it was that children were treated like idiots, when a lot were actually very intelligent, and the others should be allowed to have this period of time we call “childhood” to grow up anyways. However, it is also very clear how this is not just something we find with children, but in all communities. Not all 50 year olds are smart, and not all 13 year olds are dumb. In fact, most of them probably are not. Besides, looking at guys like Mark Wahlberg, who are painfully older than me, I think the “age is just a number, baby” approach is my best shot.
  2.  Stranger-Danger. Probably the realest thing I brought with me from my childhood. Now, I do not remember exactly what I was told or anything. However, I do remember all of my friends laughing at my paranoia. The thing is, I live in a small town. Roughly around 36 000 residents. But I moved here from Rochester, the third largest city in New York. Having lived in a city where one locks the doors when the traffic stands still and where public school was just not an option (maybe my parents are just stuck up, I don`t know), my mother gave me a lot of good advice in my young childhood. “Do not enter strangers houses.” “Do not believe anyone who wants to give you candy or show you kittens in the woods”.” Do not get to close to strange cars. Say no to drugs”. All of which are good advice. Nevertheless, I think that it was too much at once and it overloaded my impressionable brain. Let us just say that I am pretty sure that this was the start of a lifetime with an overactive imagination, good and bad. In addition, I still have the stranger danger fear. I always think people are trying to rob me! Even if they are just sitting next to me because there are no other seats I am like “Omg, what are they doing. I am not getting robbed”. Then my body goes into fight mode, and makes my all jittery for like an hour. And I have never ever been robbed or had any traumatic experiences with strangers. Childhood, you motherfucker.
  3. Prostitutes are women with many boyfriends. One time when I was around six or seven, I had heard someone say the less nice word that means prostitute. And my mind was like “what the fudge is that”. And of course I asked my mother, to whoms respond was “women with many boyfriends”. Without thinking about the fact that not all prostitutes are men, and that not all “normal” women date men, it is somewhat funny. Because I believed it. Although, for me, it made me believe more that it was normal to have many spouses, then that it was not. Which does not make sense, I know. Because when I heard it, it was not in a positive context. However, my brain quickly forgot that. Instead, it thought, “hmm, I guess that is another way of living”. Therefore, I am going to blame that for my unhealthy view on love and relationships. Thank you.
  4. Weed can be fatal. Up until last year, I honestly thought that weed could kill me. Because I always heard that one time could be enough to kill you when it comes to drugs, which is not wrong. It is just that weed is not really in the category of hard drugs that not all bodies or minds can take. However, I had also always heard that “marijuana” was a drug. Which is technically is. Either way, I am glad that I thought this. Because even if it cannot kill you, it can still break you down and ruin your life. So as future president, I am not going anywhere near it.                                                               (Of course parents have to scare their kids with images like these floating around the web of inter. Legally extracted from this strange video via google).
  5. Saving money is easy. The only thing I learned, that I could not use for further references in life. When I was young, I used to get money all the time. From my parents, from my grandparents. Aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles. It was insane. Everyone just think children are adorable, and that they must give them money. But I never really used it. Why would I? My parents bought me stuff, send me stuff and it is not as if I went out to eat with friends or anything. So I loved putting money in the piggy bank (I still do, who doesn`t), and I just took it to my saving account. To this day, I still do not have that kind of grasp around money or the value of it. It feels sort of unreal, because it is just numbers. But, I do not save as much. I use money ALL the time. My coke zero and granola bars budget alone is through the roof. When you get older, people do not throw money, stuff and food at you. But, I know what my expenses are. And it is possible to not buy things and just save like when I was younger. It is just harder now. And there is no way I am doing it.
  6. You can be whatever you want. It sounds stupid, and like something we just say to children to boost their self-esteem. And we do. That is true. Still, we are not wrong. J.M Barrie (the author of Peter Pan) writes “you can have whatever you want, as long as you are willing to give up everything else). It is true. If you want to be a doctor, no one can stop you. If you want to be a dancer, you can do it. It is just a matter of believing in yourself and not listen to the negative voices. Just a couple of hours ago, to women who call themselves feminists snorted at the fact that I believe that I have a chance of being President. And it is not because I do not have the right grades, because I do. It was not because I am do not dress or talk the right way. It is not because I cannot speak for myself and others using the right terms, because I can and I do. It is because I am a girl. “Good luck in a man dominated field”. Thank you, kind lady, but I do not need your luck, if I succeed, it will not be because of your luck or the size of my boobs, but because of my determination and hard work.
  7. The value of books. The most important thing I take with me from my childhood, and that makes mw grateful for the family I grew up with, is literature. Books are just the coolest thing in the world. You can learn super cool facts and gradually grow generally smarter and improve your oratory abilities. Besides that, being inside the mind of someone else and seeing the world from a different point of view really makes you think and feel. It just makes the world seem different and life more precious. I do not know how. But it does.


This were some of the things I learned as a kid. I hope it was not too long, tedious or weird. But please let me know if it was. And also, comment some of the things you learned as a kid!


Special thanks to this little fucker!

this little fucker right here

Should we care about our looks?


People seem to think that caring about looks is vain, shallow and shows that you are immature and unintelligent. Yet, the same people who judge those who wear high heels and neat clothes to school, or have plastic surgery done, seem to be the same people who complain about weight or having too big of a nose. Because they are caring about the “right” kind of looks. Because weight is linked to health and because they are “so brave” for having that slightly big nose. Now, I am not writing this to convince you to go under the knife or spend an hour on your making each day. I wish no one had plastic surgery, but I am also glad that people can make that choice and do not think that anyone should be judged for doing so. We all do things that others do not understand the reasons for. Sometimes we do not even know ourselves. Why do I put salsa on everything? I don`t know. Why do I finger pistol my reflection? No idea. Why do I use Jean d`Arces `monologue as my prayer? I have absolutely no clue. However, I am assuming that when people put their life in risk for a smaller nose or bigger boobs, they have a pretty deep reason.

Bilderesultat for plastic surgery

(Legally extracted from youtube via google. Video about plastic surgery here.)

Weirdly enough though, that had absolutely nothing to do with todays post. Maybe not “weirdly enough” since it is pretty standard me to talk myself away from a point. Running, running, running. Aaaand we are back. Okay, todays post. Should we care bout our looks? Also known as “why we should care about our appearance”? Like I said, It sounds shallow. However, the fact is, it is not. Yes, looks can be used for many things. Sex, money, power, manipulation and success. It can also be used for motivation, happiness, interpersonal relationships, work ethic and being serious about life.

Bilderesultat for blazer

When you get up in the morning, take a shower and put on sweatpants, you kind of feel like “okay, I did it. I am up. No I can relax”. When you get up in the morning, take a shower, feel fresh, and then put on a pair of jeans and a respectable shirt or blazer you feel motivated. Ready to take on the world. You feel more confident and prepared to work hard. You will also send out vibes that say, “I am a real human being who is trying my best” instead of “I am just here because I have to be, do not talk to me”. In addition, if you go to a school, or even more importantly, if you have a job, it is about respect for the establishment and your co-workers. You are not there by force, and they are paying you money to be there, the least you can do is take care of your personal hygiene and wear something that Eric Cartman would not. Besides, people have a tendency to think that those who look like they work the hardest do. And while this might not always be true, it is still how the world works, so if you like promotions and good grades, you should probably just “roll with it”. To the last point, being serious about life. Heavy stuff, especially coming from someone who spends hours sorting lip-glosses and Dr. Seuss books by color, but still has not learned to read a map. Nevertheless, the point is simply that when you were something empowering, doing a good job feels like it matters more than when you start the day with a “I don`t give a fuck attitude”. And by work hard, I don`t just mean in an employment kind of way. If your mission for the day is to water the plants, it is still much more likely to get done if you feel like a “worker bee” or “queen bee”. Queen bee usually does it for me. If you are not convinced yet, just check out this coolioko info-grapho-thingy-thing-thang.


(Made with the super cool Canva).

Three of the day #2

Todays three of the day is actually meant for tomorrow. As we know, Tuesdays is that day of the week where the weekend feeling has passed and we feel far from half way into the week. Yet, we have to keep a positive attitude! We do not want worry-wrinkles and darkened circles under our eyes from stress and bore, now do we? Therefore, without further ado, here is this week Tuesday edition of three of the day.


Advice of the day:

This is going to sound insane, but I swear it is in a mad genius kind of way. As I mentioned earlier, Tuesdays are kind of a bore because there is really no kind of positive spin we can put on it. Except, this one. If Tuesdays are beyond saving anyways, there is really only one thing to do. We move the most boring stuff to this day, so that the days that are actually within reach of saving, can be saved. That feeling in your stomach, those rolling eyes and the voice in your head that says that it is the stupidest thing you have heard, I have those to. My aching back and sleepy eyes are all like “Zoë, are you insane?” Maybe I am. Maybe I am not. Either way, I know that we all know from experience how amazing you feel after finishing something you have been dreading, and how lovely it is to be able to relax, knowing that it is all thanks to yourself. For example, yesterday I finished my work with psychology 1, and know have all the answers and notes for the course to review before my exam. And after having worked on that for hundreds of hours, finishing it was the best feeling in the world! That is why I am going to do my painfully boring homework and assignments tomorrow, so that the rest of the week can fit in plenty of me time. And trust me, slightly narcissistic people as my self need A LOT of me time.  And I advise you to do the same (duh, advice of the day), and almost guarantee that the rest of your week will be a lot easier if you do.


Motivation of the day:



Fashion tip of the day:
Focus on accessories.
If you are like me, chances are that you will be tired tomorrow. Therefore, my advice to you is to not wear the tightest jeans and the most complicated layered tops. Instead, wear a minimalistic outfit, perhaps completely white to emphasize the minimalistic image while still looking stylish as never before. Instead of wearing a complicated outfit, focus on accessories. Long or hopped earrings pair excellent with a high ponytail, and add a statement necklace to easily look dressed up. Never overlook the power of ring sets, consisting of several slim, simple rings, and a focus-grabbing bracelet. It might be to snowy or slippery to wear shoes over boots, so prioritize purses. Choose a big, bold one or a small, complimenting one. Either way, own it! So there is my simple, yet hopefully useful, tip of the day. Basic outfit, bitching accessories.



(Collage made using picmonkey.com. Pictures all legally extracted via google. Lik to necklace https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fashion_Jewelry_Necklace.jpg. Link to ring https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGzYSoh7fK4 . Link to the purse https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/46uiBiMe30W4le8swW-mrQ)

Have a super week!

And please return for more advice and awkward stories!


Why I am a vegetarian

When I was born, one of our three cats would always sleep next to me to make sure I was safe. A few years later, I moved, to be closer to family, and met the dog Leon who was born the same year as me. His eyes always looked filled with love and compassion, and together we discovered a love for the forest. Out in nature you do not use words or devices to communicate, only looks and vibes. And any being is capable of that. Mankind, canines, felines, you name it. Did you know that a sheep never forgets a face? That an elephant can experience deep depression? That some apes can die from a heartbreak?

We have all seen Babe or Charlotte’s web, and it is a roller coaster, right? We just cannot have anything bad happen do that adorable little pig, and when everything works out great, we are so happy! Yet, in real life, it doesn’t seem to bother people to much that pigs are forced to get pregnant again and again, until their body cannot take it and they die of a heart attack from the strain. Before that, they have close to permanent open wounds on their bodies as a result from laying all the time in a small, enclosed space. Let us play a game, a game called who suffers the most. The baby pig who is ripped away from his or hers mother to soon to be fattened up and slaughtered as if they mean nothing. Or the mother who keeps being forced to get these babies, but never gets to keep them and doesn’t know where they are or why their gone. Who has it worse?

Bilderesultat for charlotte's webhhh

Expectations vs reality.

(Both legally extracted via google. First is on youtube as True Movie Hits (CH.44) – Charlotte`s Web by TrueVisionsOfficial and the second on wikipedia; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestation_crate)

Chances are that you are a decent human being who does not intend  play this game at all. Because it is not a game. It is real life. And there are no winners. I guess the reasons why I had to discuss this, is because I myself have been having some struggles lately. A bad feeling, accompanied by some frightening nightmares about, yes, the food industry. Because I am not a vegan, I am not really even a vegetarian. I eat dairy, eggs and fish. And I feel bad about it. So bad that this text is apparently coming to a conclusion that I did not even know it would until I started writing this very paragraph.

What I wanted to say is that I am guessing many of you have felt the love and wisdom from cats, dogs or even tortoises. So why would we think that pigs, cows and chickens are any less? Because they are delicious? Josh Hutcherson is incredibly hot, but that does not mean that he is not intelligent as well. Many things awaken the primal in us, but we live in 2016, which means that we should let reason and compassion win. We are not cavemen, we are enlightened, modern and change wanting people with all that comes with it. So I wanted to say that even if you do not feel like making a big decision, just do baby steps, or honestly, just being aware of things and thinking about them usually subconsciously helps us make better decisions.  I guess there are just so many aspects and benefits to this that I will have to write about it some other time. But as I earlier stated, the direction kind of took a change in my head as I was writing and thinking about all the animal cruelty and how bad I feel when I eat these products. So with that in mind, I am going to make my 2016 mission a tomorrow mission and just go cold turkey on the animal products. And after seeing this video, I am even more sure about my decision, because this is by far the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.

(Legally extracted from youtube.)

Like I said, I do not think that I am better than anyone who eats meat, because I am not. I just hope that we can all work together to create a better world for all. And I believe that change begins with awerness.