Should we care about our looks?


People seem to think that caring about looks is vain, shallow and shows that you are immature and unintelligent. Yet, the same people who judge those who wear high heels and neat clothes to school, or have plastic surgery done, seem to be the same people who complain about weight or having too big of a nose. Because they are caring about the “right” kind of looks. Because weight is linked to health and because they are “so brave” for having that slightly big nose. Now, I am not writing this to convince you to go under the knife or spend an hour on your making each day. I wish no one had plastic surgery, but I am also glad that people can make that choice and do not think that anyone should be judged for doing so. We all do things that others do not understand the reasons for. Sometimes we do not even know ourselves. Why do I put salsa on everything? I don`t know. Why do I finger pistol my reflection? No idea. Why do I use Jean d`Arces `monologue as my prayer? I have absolutely no clue. However, I am assuming that when people put their life in risk for a smaller nose or bigger boobs, they have a pretty deep reason.

Bilderesultat for plastic surgery

(Legally extracted from youtube via google. Video about plastic surgery here.)

Weirdly enough though, that had absolutely nothing to do with todays post. Maybe not “weirdly enough” since it is pretty standard me to talk myself away from a point. Running, running, running. Aaaand we are back. Okay, todays post. Should we care bout our looks? Also known as “why we should care about our appearance”? Like I said, It sounds shallow. However, the fact is, it is not. Yes, looks can be used for many things. Sex, money, power, manipulation and success. It can also be used for motivation, happiness, interpersonal relationships, work ethic and being serious about life.

Bilderesultat for blazer

When you get up in the morning, take a shower and put on sweatpants, you kind of feel like “okay, I did it. I am up. No I can relax”. When you get up in the morning, take a shower, feel fresh, and then put on a pair of jeans and a respectable shirt or blazer you feel motivated. Ready to take on the world. You feel more confident and prepared to work hard. You will also send out vibes that say, “I am a real human being who is trying my best” instead of “I am just here because I have to be, do not talk to me”. In addition, if you go to a school, or even more importantly, if you have a job, it is about respect for the establishment and your co-workers. You are not there by force, and they are paying you money to be there, the least you can do is take care of your personal hygiene and wear something that Eric Cartman would not. Besides, people have a tendency to think that those who look like they work the hardest do. And while this might not always be true, it is still how the world works, so if you like promotions and good grades, you should probably just “roll with it”. To the last point, being serious about life. Heavy stuff, especially coming from someone who spends hours sorting lip-glosses and Dr. Seuss books by color, but still has not learned to read a map. Nevertheless, the point is simply that when you were something empowering, doing a good job feels like it matters more than when you start the day with a “I don`t give a fuck attitude”. And by work hard, I don`t just mean in an employment kind of way. If your mission for the day is to water the plants, it is still much more likely to get done if you feel like a “worker bee” or “queen bee”. Queen bee usually does it for me. If you are not convinced yet, just check out this coolioko info-grapho-thingy-thing-thang.


(Made with the super cool Canva).


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