Motovational Power Points

As you know, I have been up to a lot of stuff lately. Including taking to exams privately while also writing essays, taking test and everything else that comes with High School. Including more exams. So lately, whenever I finish a chapter or a test or anything alike, I put up another page on my motovational Power Point. I know that this sounds like the lamest thing ever, but it helps me get things done. And maybe it can help you as well. So here goes.

On the first page I have written down a couple of my short term goals.

On the next four I have vegan inspo. Including a collage and pictures of Beyoncè with her amazing vegan body.  There is no way that body is mortal.

Furthermore, I`ve got companies I would like to work with, cities I would like to visit, and countries, Audrey Hepburn quotes, pink quotes and even pictures of Hello Kitty.

Whats fun about a motovational powerpointa is that it can contain anything you like. Anything that cheers you up or represents you in any way. I would highly recommend that anyone makes one. You might feel sort of stupid at first, but as you get used to it, you might find that it actually makes you feel pretty good and helps you accomplish more.

So, if you are intersted at all, here are a few of my 28 slides.





Thats it for now. I hope I`ve at least inspired someone! 🙂



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