Where I`ve been

Disclaimer: Provocatively boring

So to all of you who have not unfollowed me yet, please consider this my apology/excuses letter.

As you probably know, I love blogs. I love writing them, I love reading about them and I love talking about them. However, I have not been able to write for what has been probably several months now because I have been genuinely busy. So here is what I`ve been up to.

Okay, first off all I got a job. I was a sales agent for the biggest company in Norway, and it was totally awesome. Cool people, cool products and even a cool boss. Unfortunately though, after already getting super involved, I had to take a break as it turns out I have an illness that I`ve long been suspecting. I`m not sure what it is called in English, but basically what it does is make you tired, shaky, depressed and prone to get sick, along with a few other annoying effects. So now I have to spend all this time finding out to what degree I have it and what medication I need. But that’s boring and personal. Ha-ha, sorry.

Secondly though, I have been studying for exams outside of school so that I can hopefully finish High School a year early, as you have to complete 13 years in Norway, not 12, which is just way too long for me. Anyways, I got a couple of exams out of the way this semester and end up with an A in psychology and a B in social economics. Usually I would feel bad getting a B, but this was a seriously hard subject to study on my own and besides, I can always take the exam again.

helpersdMy two beautiful helpers.

Also, I ordered the Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but it turns out “these boots where not made for walking”. Even though I felt super fly and powerful in those heels, I decided that breaking my ankle did not seem all that tempting and send them back.

Lastly, I finally became a vegan! I have been a vegan since may know, and it feels great! I literally don`t even miss chocolate, which I would never have foreseen. I recommend it to anyone. But I will write about that later. For now I just want to apologize for this horribly boring post. I promise the next will be much better and back to normal. Please dont unfollow! Haha. Until next time.


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