Three of the day! #6

Advice of the day:

In anticipation of something, like a summer break, one might get a little tense. You feel like the summer is here, yet you still have work to do. It`s like being stuck in the limbo of school and work. So I guess my advice, is to make sure you get enough rest. It might be tempting to stay up all night when you know that you are not having any tests in the near future, and I`d know, as I did this just a couple nights ago. But what’s easy to forget is that you still have to get up early the next morning. And trust me, listening to whatever fake lectures your school has made up this year, while nearly falling asleep for 8 hours, is not fun and not worth it. So yeah, instead of spending all that extra time on your hands on Netflix, spend it on resting and taking care of yourself. Trust me; you will have lots of time to watch Netflix later on.


Motivation of the day:

Growing up, three out of four of my aunts smoked. I guess I did not really have a grasp on how tight an addiction can hold you at that time, because I kept telling them again and again to stop. I just did not want anything to happen to them. Now, this isn’t going to be a fairytale story about how all of my aunts joined some amazing club and quit smoking forever. I am however going to share with you that a couple of years back my oldest aunt, who is know 56, quit smoking! After being at it for years and years she managed to quit, all by herself. And I think that is kind of beautiful. And I most certainly find it motivational. If a woman over halfway in her life can change something that fundamental, than we most certainly can to. And guess what? For once, we actually have time for it to. So whether you want to change something, like stop smoking or buy less stuff online (me!), or you want to do something, like finally finish knitting that sweater or write a book, you now can. You have the time, and I know you have the ability!


Fashion tip of the day:

Earlier today I put on an outfit consisting of a cape, a crop top and a skirt. As it turned out, it was not just cold in the morning as I figured since it happens a lot here. It was raining, and was supposed to be all day. So I decided not to wear the skirt. This is where having pants the same length up the stomach came in handy. So my tip is to either have outfits that you can easily change the temperature of, like by wearing a cardigan or cape over a top, or have outfits to choose from that will work with either pants or a skirt. This usually goes for tighter or shorter tops. Or both haha. Anyways, that was my little, probably to obvious, tip for today. And here’s a bad picture I took of my outfit in pants 🙂


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