Decisions, decisions

So, my moms birthday was about a week ago, but I never got time to get her a present. Today however, is finally my day off, which means that I know do have time. But this leaves me with to decisions to make. First off all, what should I get her? Secondly, should I bring it buy her office or just have it wait for her at home? Also, it’s sort of a rainy day today, so I am trying to decide between going home after and cozying up with a good book or go to the library to get some studying done. Sorry for the boring text and all the questions. I would really appreciate your opinions.

So first off all, what should I get my mother. She likes flowers, but she also likes, ya know, stuff. So I am between a bouquet and a purse. Maybe both. Hmm. And please et me know if you have a better idea!




Thanks guys!



2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. I guess my network isn’t good enough for the poll.
    I think you should get both because birthday gifts that are permanent are always better than disposable ones but flowers show that you were thinking about the person and express affection.
    Then take it to her office because if there’s one thing better than receiving presents, it’s getting to show off the fact that you received presents.
    Go to the library afterwards because library yes. Always.

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    • Thank you so much for all of your advice! I think the poll might be the problem actually. Hopefully, the next will be better working. But, I`m definitely going to take your advice! 🙂 Thanks again 😀

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