Updates <3

AKA, wtf has Zoë been up to this week + heart to make it seem less boring. So, leggo, shall we?

First off I took your advice and brought me mom both a gift and flowers for her birthday. And there just happened to be a sale, so I got two purses instead of one!

The day after there was still a sale so I bought a purse for myself as well. What can I say, I’m just weak like that. Also, I cannot resist powder pink.

But before this reckless purchase I had some amazing vegan pizza! Who knew being social could be this rewarding? Haha jk. Or am I?

Now we are already at yesterday in my super productive and odd blogpost. Tbh, I did’nt really do much other than workout with my friend (sadly there is no awkward mirror selfie this time) and go shopping with another friend of mine. But even though it’s not much i definitely count at day as a success.

And here is what I bought in excessive selfies:

Stay tuned for more confusion!


2 thoughts on “Updates <3

  1. The flowers are gorgeous! What’s the bouquet made of?
    And those purses! OH my goodness! And they were on sale. Could it be any more perfect?! Are you giving her both of them?
    Have you presented them to her yet?
    Powder pink is such a delightful colour.
    As is red. The nail polish and lipgloss are so aesthetically pleasing.
    The pizza looks quite yum.
    Looks like you had fun. Good for you.
    Also, you have really nice hair.


    • Thanks for the thing with the hair ❤ Actually don't know about the flowers unfortunately. I just sa a bouquet I liked and picked it up (I'm not the best with flowers, I am aware.) I know, I was so happy about the purses because I really felt she deserved both of them! Yes, I delivered them at her office a few days ago 🙂 Glad you like the colors as well 😀 The pizza was yum haha. Thank you so much for reading the post so carefully and commenting! 🙂 It feels really good when someone actually bothers, and to such an extent!

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