OOTN #1 

As you don’t know, but in a second will know, I am “babysitting” a dog and two cats in the middle of nowhere. The cats are a bite shy, but I have had the oppurtunity to take plenty of pictures of and with the dog. And know as my boredom has grown, of myself as well after putting on make-up and pysjamas. I know, feel free to judge. Therefore, I must ask, do you have any sugestions for what I can do tonight? And I don’t have internett on my laptop.. Yup, blogging from the app, #likeapro. So please don’t judge my spelling errors.

Here is the dog BTW. His name is Lexus 🙂

And here is the evidence of my boredom:

As you can see my ootn is not the traditional little black dress or miniskirt, but rather my leopard print Ralph Lauren pysjamas. Keepin it real. Haha. Anyways, tell me what you been up to today. And if you have not done anything either, then just make something up and I wil pretend to believe you. Anyways, that is all for know. I swear I will blog something worthwhile tomorrow!


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