My lipsticks are here!

This isn`t really a post-post, but I just really want to share with the world how extremely happy I am that my lipsticks have arrived from Make-up Mekka. Finally I have all twelve in the HD series 😀



The colors are described like this (sorry for my bad translation).

  • Backseat – A nude, pink lipstick that turns very faint.  Perfect for everyday wear.
  • Most Wanted Nude – A neutral nude color that fits well with pink or slightly yellow skincolor.
  • Mouth Mousse – A dark , mauvebrown color that fits the latest trend.
  • Forever 18 – A faint brown with a hint of shimmer.
  • Smashing – A cold, grey-purple that will make any look.
  • Joykiss – A coralcolored lipstick that is perfect for the summertime.
  • Bride to be – A brown-pink color that provides a delicate lip.
  • Marilyn – A neutral red that gives the classic look.
  • Fashionista – A dark fuchsiapink.
  • Youngblood –  A coral colored lipstick with a dash of pink.
  • Live Life – A pink color with shimmer that fits every skintone.
  • S Honey – A cold, pink lipstick  that will freshen up your look for any occasion.

I already tried several of the colors and they are perfect! I especially  love Bride to be!


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