Am I the only one

Today I thought we could get to know one another a little closer, and hopefully have at least one of those “omg, I thought I was the only one” moments. Either that, or I`ll just be very emberrased of how eird or strange I am. Either way; I`m sure this is a great idea, so let`s get to it.


Am I the only one:

-who looks like a wannabe fairy when I apply highlighter

-in a love affair with pizza

-who has never watched breaking bad

-who is generally over Christmas

-who doesn`t eat ketchup

-who prefers books over people

-who eye-flirts with my image in the mirror unconsciously

-who can`t watch TV for more than two hours

-who can`t listen to music all day

-who has a notebook with my own face on

-who can read a book over and over, and same with movies and songs

-who loves boys, but hates boys

– who loves nail polish, but never wears it

-who always wears socks

-who is afraid of ghosts

-who has a favorite number


That would be all. Stay tuned for more weirdness cirka once a week.


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