New flannel to grunge it up

So you might remember that I bought a couple of shirts not so long ago. A blue and a red, both in flannel. Since that only remindef me how much I love the brand, Saints and Mortals, I am know hooked and had to buy two more. This time in green and red berry (or something like that). 

And here they are in super awks pics. 

What are your thoughts on flannel and grunge? Be honest haha. 

Top 6 towns/cities I`d love to live in

I see my life going in a lot of different courses. And I am really hoping that I am wrong, and that instead of courses, they are fases. And that I get to experience everything. If I do, this is how it will go.



Firstly I`d model in London. Because it`s away from home, but still close if I were to, you know, break every bone in my body or something. Honestly, classic me thing to do. But the real reason I want to live in London is that it`s home of all cultures. And I`m not just talking race. I mean all the awesome sub-cultures like punk, posh and goth.



My ultimate dream is to go to Harvard and study buisness law. Which is a four year study that gives you a master in buisness and doctorate in law. So naturally this beautiful city is on my list. But before a kick ass as a student in the most prestigious university in the US, there is a stop in Scotland.

From top to bottom, left to right: the Boston skyline viewed from the Bunker Hill Monument; the Museum of Fine Arts; Faneuil Hall; Massachusetts State House; The First Church of Christ, Scientist; Boston Public Library; the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum; South Station; Boston University and the Charles River; Arnold Arboretum; Fenway Park; and the Boston Common



To be honest, I haven`t decided between Earlston, Galashiels and Melrose yet. But I definitely would like to take 6 months at the scotitsh borders to just enjoy the silence of a small town where I don`t know anyone and the amazing scottish culture and “dreich” weather. This is of course where I`d live out my dream of publishing a small novel.

Main Street, Earlston.jpg



As a vegan with hipster tendencies this is probably the place I`ve romantacized most in my life. I don`t even know what I`d do here. I just know I want it.

Clockwise from top: Downtown Portland viewed from east bank of the Willamette River; the Wells Fargo Center; Portland Aerial Tram and Mount Hood; Jackson Tower and Fox Tower viewed from Pioneer Courthouse Square; St. Johns Bridge; U.S. National Bank Building

Oregon, not Maine btw. Obvs haha.


As the future President of the US or at least a congressman (woman) Washington is of course where I`ll settle in my 30s or 40s.

Clockwise from top left: Smithsonian Institution Building, Rock Creek Park, National Mall (including the Lincoln Memorial in the foreground), Howard Theatre and the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Los Angeles

Like our beloved Ronald Reagan, I`ll start in acting. What better place to start then the city of angels?

Clockwise from top: Downtown Los Angeles skyline, Echo Park, Venice Beach, Vincent Thomas Bridge, Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles City Hall, Los Angeles International Airport


Other cities of my interrest include San Fransisco, Milan, Rome, Lûbeck and Prague.


What cities do you want to live in?


The secret life of moi

So yesterday I took yet another leap backwards. I went to see the new childrens movie “The secret life of pets”. I have previously written a post were I expressed my love for movies for kids. But I bet you didn`t know that it went so far that I was willing to go see them in the movie theater like som creepy pedo loner. That is my secret life, enjoy.

Haha just kidding. Well not about seeing the movie. I saw it and I loved it. What can I say, I`m a sucker for evil bunnies and movies that don`t last longer than 90 minutes. Also, I`m not a creepy pedo loner. The reason I was there is that I was having some family time. I`m almost 17, which means I`ll be moving out soon and most likely to another country. And my brother is 12 years old, which means he`ll be a bitch teen soon. And I don`t have time to deal with that.

So yesterday I went to the movies with my mom, brother and my brothers friend, because I am that loser. And I`m cool with  that.

I think it`s very cool how we all have these different roles. Like at school I`m the girl who doesn`t care what anyone thinks and gets the top grades. Too my extended family I am the soon-to-be lawyer who is too good for sweatpants (seriuolsy hate them) and refuses to back down in a political discussion. And at home I am the annoying teenager who takes up the shared space, but doesn`t shy away from spending time with her beloved family. Even in public.

And that is, the secret life of moi.


Tbh, I was just going to write about the movie but this post apparently took a life of it`s own. #putting this in the rant section.

My newest order from MakeupMekka has arrived!

Okay, so a couple days back I decided to give myself a little treat, because thats what summer is all about. Right? Probably wrong. Either way I decided to order some nail oil and lip scrub and balm to keep my nails and lips alive and well. And also some lipgloss and nailpolish for vanitys sake. Vanity is basically my middle name. Unfortunately though, that part of my took a big hit when the nailpolish I ordered in the belief that it was and orangy red actually turned out to just be orange. Ouch. Luckily, I ordered three different colors, and the two others were perfect!

Anyways, here is what I got for my money



  • Dream Girl
  • Friday
  • Innocent

All in the “Girl Next Door” package.


  • Front
  • Lucky
  • So what