My newest order from MakeupMekka has arrived!

Okay, so a couple days back I decided to give myself a little treat, because thats what summer is all about. Right? Probably wrong. Either way I decided to order some nail oil and lip scrub and balm to keep my nails and lips alive and well. And also some lipgloss and nailpolish for vanitys sake. Vanity is basically my middle name. Unfortunately though, that part of my took a big hit when the nailpolish I ordered in the belief that it was and orangy red actually turned out to just be orange. Ouch. Luckily, I ordered three different colors, and the two others were perfect!

Anyways, here is what I got for my money



  • Dream Girl
  • Friday
  • Innocent

All in the “Girl Next Door” package.


  • Front
  • Lucky
  • So what

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