The secret life of moi

So yesterday I took yet another leap backwards. I went to see the new childrens movie “The secret life of pets”. I have previously written a post were I expressed my love for movies for kids. But I bet you didn`t know that it went so far that I was willing to go see them in the movie theater like som creepy pedo loner. That is my secret life, enjoy.

Haha just kidding. Well not about seeing the movie. I saw it and I loved it. What can I say, I`m a sucker for evil bunnies and movies that don`t last longer than 90 minutes. Also, I`m not a creepy pedo loner. The reason I was there is that I was having some family time. I`m almost 17, which means I`ll be moving out soon and most likely to another country. And my brother is 12 years old, which means he`ll be a bitch teen soon. And I don`t have time to deal with that.

So yesterday I went to the movies with my mom, brother and my brothers friend, because I am that loser. And I`m cool with  that.

I think it`s very cool how we all have these different roles. Like at school I`m the girl who doesn`t care what anyone thinks and gets the top grades. Too my extended family I am the soon-to-be lawyer who is too good for sweatpants (seriuolsy hate them) and refuses to back down in a political discussion. And at home I am the annoying teenager who takes up the shared space, but doesn`t shy away from spending time with her beloved family. Even in public.

And that is, the secret life of moi.


Tbh, I was just going to write about the movie but this post apparently took a life of it`s own. #putting this in the rant section.

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