What`s the scariest movie you have ever seen?

As I am writing this I am about to hit play and rewatch the scariest movie I have ever seen. And I can`t help but wonder why it is that whats scary is so unbelievably objective. When I was younger I never watched scary movies. I didn`t think they were scary or interesting. Also, the predictability was ridiculous.

Later though I have discovered a lot of actually good scary movies, though I still prefer psychological thrillers, with famous actors and directors that manage to keep it interesting. But with all the movies I have seen from “nightmare on Elm Street” to “the house at the end of the street”, the scariest movie I have ever seen, is still to this day, Coraline. I don`t know why. Maybe it`s the creepy button eyes, or maybe it`s the fact that it highlights the fact that we always try to overlook, that we are actually alone in this world. In the words of Kathy Bates in the “P.S I love you” filmation, “we are born alone, and we die alone”.

Side note: I think “Coraline” is the most terrifying movie ever, but my favorite scary movie is forever “Scream”. #zeefunfact. I also LOVE “The House at The end of the Street”, and not just because of the super hot guy.

What`s the scariest movie you`ve ever seen?

Be honest. This is a judgement free zone. Unless you wear crocs. That shit has to end.

My X-mas (picture series) <3

Currently chilling after an intense period of kareoke with my new microphone. Haha. 

As promised, here is my christmas in pics. 

Pic one: Got so many amazing vegan things in my stocking ❤

Pic two: Got a Nemi date-book in my advent calendar! 

Pic three Presemt duh! 

#cinderella #czech #chilhood

OOTD, FTR, I opted for no hat.

Last pic is the priz for however finds the almond. Norway yo.

You can’t telk me this filter isn’t the Anne Hathaway filter. 

Family + awesome socks! 

Looks disgusting, tastes amazing.

My mom is basically a certified baker afer this.

Feeling pretty good in couses hat.

My brother was the gamemaster in “ultimate werewolf”.

Presents ❤

The last picture is of a ticket to see the swan lake perfomed by the russian ballet. I am dying of excitement!!!

Merry christmas!

Norwegian Christmas Traditions

I am currently resting while eating some marzipan after successfully (I hope) making my first nutroast. Which was time-consuming, yet easy. Another first today will be first fake christmas tree, as my mother is super allergic. I`ll let you know how that turns out later.


(My gorgeous nutter from another mother. I know, it looks like a breadloaf. That`s the vegan butterdough around it.)

But to this post. Norwegian Christmas Traditions.

Tomorrow is the 24, which is when all the Christmas activities will take place here in Norway, and although a lot of the traditions are the same as in America and the rest of the world, it does have a few differences, so i thought I`d take you through the day.

First, we of course wake up to check our stockings. For me personally, usually containing sweets, a soda and a movie.

We then watch the movies “Three Nuts to Cinderella” (a czech classic that they air on our national channel every year. Super fun twist on the classic fairytale involving magical nuts containing important outfits” and “The Journey to the Christmas Star” (basically: princess get`s lost looking for star, loses memory and joins travelling theater, travels to castle, finds star for king, is revealed as princess when lost queen returns, norwegian classic). After this we usually watch as many other christmas movies as we have time for. Most importantly Mickey and Jiminy Crickets respective films.


(Bow down to our new rulers. I`ll follow Cinderella into battle any day tbh).

Family comes to celebrate and we have some special christmas roast (or ribs idk) (none for me obvs) and pork patties (again, none for me). Then a desert called “riskrem”. Basically cold porridge whipped with cream and served with red sauce (strawberry sauce). In this dessert there is an almond. However finds (almost eats) the almond gets a present. If you find the almond you typically hide it in your mouth until people can`t physically eat more and have to give up their search. Pokerface is key.

Then we, unlike in america, open presents. The peak is obviously reached at this point. So we just drink coffee and eat christmas cookies. Very excited to have vegan ones this year!

So those are our traditions. What are yours?

I’m obsessed with Snapchat filters

I’m not really a snapchat person (aka, I delete the app every other week), so I haven’t really got into the new, cool filters. Until now!

They are so fun and I am literally obsessed! This is my “work” so far 😂

Haha, time spent productive.

What’s your favorite snap filter?

Adult pigtails

“Pigtails are for children”. “Oh my god, you can`t wear pigatils in High School”.

I wish I could wear pigtails that looked so adult. Mine make me look like a five year old:

(https://no.pinterest.com/pin/226798531204374544/, from Rachel Williams-Cook via Pinterest)

For real guys, I cannot be the only one that loves this look!

Bilderesultat for adult pigtails

(https://no.pinterest.com/pin/23573598020156102/, from Trendland via Pinterest).

Even the worlds most adorable person, Zooey Deschanel, doesn`t look like a child with them at all.

Bilderesultat for zooey deschanel pigtails

(http://www.stylebistro.com/lookbook/Long+Pigtails/DD3FXFNX8QU, from Stylebistros long hair lookbook).

So try out this style!

Bilderesultat for adult pigtails



Heads up though, as with everything, pigtails work for some and not for others. Cute pigtails are great and cool and all that. But for some people in doesn`t work, some may even look to young.

Tip: Either go very low and causual with a frizzy look (if your hair is moderately long at least) or staighten your hair and go with a very high, tight look. Don`t make it too natural (I know, I sound horrible now), because that does actually make the wrong accosiations.

Don’t stop the make-up flow

I am for real going to be so sad when unwrapping cute red gifts with make-up items in them to count down to a holiday is no longer a thing. Less than a week left 😦

On the bright side though, I just unwrapped shiny, red packaged with more make-up! 😀

Here is a picture of what I got.

Yes, that is a reflection of my cellphone.

Here are the items namnes and links to them.

Happy Pink Banana Nail File (I`m laughing too guys).

Ultra Length Water Resistant Mascera-Black 

Pro Water Resistent Kohl Pencil- Metallic Charcoal

Matte Bronzer Shimmer Blush/Highlighter- only in X-mas calendar pack


Three of the Day #9

As I am sitting in my mothers office completely taken over by caffeine and the excitement of only having four more days of school left before christmas break, I just really want to share that feeling with you guys! So here goes.

Advice of the day:

Watch this amazing Nat Chat that I was telling you about a few posts back. Christmas is a time were everybody should just be happy and relaxed and filled with holiday spirit and bliss. Yet, more often than not, we stress even MORE than usually. We stress about getting our christmas shopping done (I have not started yet, as usual around this time a year), about the infamous christmas cleaning, whether or not it will snow (like Natalia says in the video, don`t stress about the things you can`t control. We can not control this), what we are going to wear on christmas eve, what are kids are going to wear (do any of my readers have kids?). As the most stressed person in the world, there is no way I can tell you to stress down without being a hypocrite, so I`ll let NT do that for me. All I can say, is that this video has actually been of great help for me. And if there is hope for me, there is definitely hope for you.

Motivation of the day:

Christmas break is as I mentioned, right around the corner! That means that in a few days (are maybe even already depending on your schools or workplace system!) you will officially have permission to get up everyday at 1 pm in, lounge around in your quite checkered pyjamas and robe, and just lay on the couch for hours on end watching nostalgic christmas specials from Disney eating chocolate and marzipan. And in a few more days, you can stuff your face with the people you love AND get presents! How great is that? And even if you don`t celebrate christmas, you will most likely still have the holiday, which is great in it self! And let`s not forget that a new year is approaching. Finally we will all have (somewhat) clean slates and new possibilities waiting for us 🙂

Fashion tip of the day:

If you`re going to be wearing PJ`s for a week (many of us are, don`t be ashamed) at least wear some cute, instagram worthy PJ`s. Also, pair them with super comfertable slippers. It`s really the only outfit that can get away with it anyways. Every christmas my grandmother gets my a pair of high slippers (kind of boot-like), and they`re so comfy! Also, they have small gripper thingies in rubber on the soles so you won`t sleep because my grandmother is highly concerned with the level of clumsyness that I inhabit. Back to the point. Wear cute pyjamas. And don`t be afraid to wear some accesories with it, so your make-up and style your hair. Ao what if it seems “fake”, it looks and feels awesome! Personly, I am not the type to wear pyjamas for longer than two hours after I get up, but if I do, I really love the dolled up pyjamas look. Is that a thing? I don`t even know. Well it is now. #dolleduppjs2016

Zoë Out