Diet Soda vs Regular

I drink a lot of Coke Zero. Like to the point of light shame. Not strictly because of the calories, but because for me it`s truly amazing. I guess that has to do with the addictive substances and caffeine yada-yada. I also partly think that it`s because I wasn`t allowed to drink it as a child and it became sort of allusive and intriguing and so as soon as I could like go to the shop at school and stuff (well, we weren`t technically aloud, but adolescents amirite?), that was kind of my main point of interests. Anyways, sometimes I`ll have a regular soda (at least it`s better than Pepsi-Max, right?), just not the original coke, because I don`t like having flavored sugerwater poured down my throat and ruing my teeth. Anyways, there are a few good ones, like Sprite and a couple Norwegian ones. But what I am interested in, is, what`s your favorite? Do you prefer regular or diet, and what kind? Also, I`ve never had Mountain Dew, so if someone can tell me what that tastes like, I`d appreciate it!

Bilderesultat for coke zero vs diet coke!page=post&id=55F41B09-1ACA-0B46-4AD6-B40D0EEAA03F

At least I`m drinking the one with the smallest amount of caffeine.

PS: Should I be worried about getting diabetes from my zero?


2 thoughts on “Diet Soda vs Regular

    • Same, the taste is definitely better 🙂 I too do have a lot of concerns when it comes to the negative impact it might have on my health, so I’ll definitely read your post 🙂


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