Christmas baking <3 (photo series)

I don`t know if this is a thing in the rest of the world, but in Norway there is this old idea that you should bake seven types of cakes/cookies for christmas. I personally am not 100 % a Martha Stewart type of person, but I wanted to try to bake at least a few types. So I assembled my crew (my mom and my cousin) and went on this mission. Side note: vegan eggreplacer is A+. So here is my small picture series from todays baking.

Last made, pictured first; Meringues

So cute, so tasty!

Our main project though, were these amazing hazelnut cookies!

These raspberry cookies are very close to the best part of christmas! My whole family loves them, and now my cousin and I have learned how to make them. This is almost to much power to handle.


And my mom made these super cool things that I have no idea what are called in English, but basically they are thin, crispy cones that you put whipped cream and jam in.


Also, my mom got us these super cute boxes to keep the cookies in!




My cousin posing proudly with our work 😉


My cat suspiciously lurking in the kitchen.


Bella and Donna feeling left out 😦


Merry almost christmas!



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