My X-mas (picture series) <3

Currently chilling after an intense period of kareoke with my new microphone. Haha. 

As promised, here is my christmas in pics. 

Pic one: Got so many amazing vegan things in my stocking ❤

Pic two: Got a Nemi date-book in my advent calendar! 

Pic three Presemt duh! 

#cinderella #czech #chilhood

OOTD, FTR, I opted for no hat.

Last pic is the priz for however finds the almond. Norway yo.

You can’t telk me this filter isn’t the Anne Hathaway filter. 

Family + awesome socks! 

Looks disgusting, tastes amazing.

My mom is basically a certified baker afer this.

Feeling pretty good in couses hat.

My brother was the gamemaster in “ultimate werewolf”.

Presents ❤

The last picture is of a ticket to see the swan lake perfomed by the russian ballet. I am dying of excitement!!!

Merry christmas!


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