What`s the scariest movie you have ever seen?

As I am writing this I am about to hit play and rewatch the scariest movie I have ever seen. And I can`t help but wonder why it is that whats scary is so unbelievably objective. When I was younger I never watched scary movies. I didn`t think they were scary or interesting. Also, the predictability was ridiculous.

Later though I have discovered a lot of actually good scary movies, though I still prefer psychological thrillers, with famous actors and directors that manage to keep it interesting. But with all the movies I have seen from “nightmare on Elm Street” to “the house at the end of the street”, the scariest movie I have ever seen, is still to this day, Coraline. I don`t know why. Maybe it`s the creepy button eyes, or maybe it`s the fact that it highlights the fact that we always try to overlook, that we are actually alone in this world. In the words of Kathy Bates in the “P.S I love you” filmation, “we are born alone, and we die alone”.

Side note: I think “Coraline” is the most terrifying movie ever, but my favorite scary movie is forever “Scream”. #zeefunfact. I also LOVE “The House at The end of the Street”, and not just because of the super hot guy.

What`s the scariest movie you`ve ever seen?

Be honest. This is a judgement free zone. Unless you wear crocs. That shit has to end.


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