Cat update (obvs important) 

I named the cats “Dorian Leonardo” and “Heathcliff”. Super pleased with my choices 🙂 Especially since Dorian seems to be alot prettier on the outside than on the inside. Haha. Just kidding. All cats are of course good. But in all seriousness. He is so cute! And when I first met him he seemed adorable as he immideatly tried to get my attention and did thid thing where he stood on his back feet and leaned into my jacket and almost all the way to my back. Now he does a less cute thing where he gets me to pet him and then attacks me. Literally gave me seven bleeding scratches at once. I’m hoping that will stop, haha.

An image of Dorian, searching for his next victim.

To counter this, Heathcliff has the most loving personality. He’s still a little scared and hides under the couch alot. But when he doesn’t, he’s super cuddly! 😀 

Such big eyes! 

What should I name the cats? 

On Saturday I am going to on of the cat shelters under the charity my aunt is on the board for, with my family. Most likely we are adopting two new cats. A white one with gray ears and spots and a black one with beautiful green eyes. I have currently favored the names “Romeo” (for the white) and Heathcliff. My mother is thinking “Claudio” for the white one. What names would you suggest either from the following list or your own thoughts? 

1. Heathcliff

2. Claudio

3. Romeo

4. Coyote

5. Apollo

6.  Pan

7.  Anubis

8. Adonis

9. Othello

10. Iago

11. Dorian

12.  Dolce

Christmas weather and classics! 

Finally we get some real x-mas weather here in the north! 

So obvioulsy I declared it a reading day! I have really been waiting for a chance to start on this new book I bought. A beautifully bound Brontë collection. First up, Wurthering heights. Love the movie, love the song. (Hopefully) about to love the book! 

Lates guys ❤

New year, new hair

So for me personally, I wan’t 2017 to be about changes and personal growth. And I felt like a just needed a symbolic change for starters. And while I would say this is at all a big change, I am quite happy with it. Basically, I got my eyebrows done and dyed my hair black (it used to be brown), and I’m just so happy with it because a) I love the look and b) I just love the thought of change being possible and accesible. Obviously I am aiming a lot higher than just small stuff like this, but I do very much appreciate that fesh, clean-slate feeling! 

Yes, I took a selfie (actually more like 15) in the library. No shame. 

Happy “not 2016”!

You guys have literally no idea just how excited I am that it is finally a new year. I am so ready to just start with a clean slate and release the whole “oh my god, what is 2016 going to hit us with next” fear. Yesterday I bought myself a flamingo themed notebook that I will use for my 2017 business. Already written down my new years resolutions (Bridget Jones style), 2017 concrete goals, big purchases list, organizational methods and summer vacation plans. For the organising I also bought a to-do list with a magnet on the back. To be honest I had no idea about the magnet, so I was just like “bonus”. Anyways, bottom line is, I am ready for 2017.


First goal I`m going to tackle is to study Psychology 2 (for my extra exams).

What`s the first goal you`re going after this year?