Cat update (obvs important) 

I named the cats “Dorian Leonardo” and “Heathcliff”. Super pleased with my choices 🙂 Especially since Dorian seems to be alot prettier on the outside than on the inside. Haha. Just kidding. All cats are of course good. But in all seriousness. He is so cute! And when I first met him he seemed adorable as he immideatly tried to get my attention and did thid thing where he stood on his back feet and leaned into my jacket and almost all the way to my back. Now he does a less cute thing where he gets me to pet him and then attacks me. Literally gave me seven bleeding scratches at once. I’m hoping that will stop, haha.

An image of Dorian, searching for his next victim.

To counter this, Heathcliff has the most loving personality. He’s still a little scared and hides under the couch alot. But when he doesn’t, he’s super cuddly! 😀 

Such big eyes! 

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