Happy Valentine’s Day! 

So, while I tragically enough got sick today of all days (my third favorite holiday after thanksgiving and halloween), I still have to wish you a happy Valentines day! Especially as the “you” has grown so much since the last one 🙂 

I was going to practice som self love all day with shopping and a rom-com marathon, but instead I’ll give you some tools to the same, to show my appreciation for you. 

So, here are my tips.

Number one: Get into the spirit of love with some cute and happy movies

My preferred once would be these:

1. The “Bridget Jones”-series

2. Valentine’s Day

3. Crazy Stupid Love

4. Breakfast at Tiffanys 

5. You’ve got mail
Number two: Take some time to unwind

Do whatever relaxes you the most. Here are some ideas:

1. Take a long bath

2. Read a book or a magazine

3. Sit with just a cup of tea and your thoughts

4. Listen to your favorite album
Number three: Indulge

An insanely high percentage of the population is on a diet at all times. On the day of love we can permit ourselves to, you know, chill, right? So I am urging you to right now go out and by whatever your heart desires (food wise, I will not be held responsible for any crediy card debt) and just relax and be happy. And besides the health pressure of society, just give yourself a general break.

That would be all. Happy Valentine’s guys! 😀 


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