Learning life lessons before the sun rises

So, a couple of weeks ago I discovered that I could jog 7 km (4 miles) before breakfast. This was obviously a milestone for me as it is an incredibly practical route for me and increases my number of steps in a day greatly.

However, a couple of days later I realized that my fitness abilities and joint abilities are not exactly aligned, as I in some way fucked up my ankle and had to practically limp home one day.

Fast forward to a few days ago and my ankle is feeling fine. So I warm up with some hard, but short, elliptical work-outs for a couple of days, and then with some light walking (too, in and from the mall to be perfectly honest. 9 000 steps though, so, what up?).

Then today at 4 am I set out to jog once again. Not only do I jog, but when I come to the hill leading up to the bridge, what do I do? You know, just what any other reasonable human being recovering from an ankle injury would do. Sprint up the fucking hill. Then proceed to jog across the entire bridge.

5 minutes later the pain hits me so hard, and I`m like “Omg, I have to turn”. Every step was just so painful. So, I turn.

And this whole walk-jog, I have been listening to the Julianne Hough episode on Lewis Howes podcast “The school of greatness” and she`s talking about being a young dancer and the whole perfectionist thing. Which makes me think about ballerinas, the only dancers I care about because they`re amazing, interesting and too me the embodiment of perfection. Above all I admire their insane work ethic. They don`t step down no matter what.

So I thought to myself “Zoë, a ballerina would never quit like this over some ankle problem, there is no blood, no bones sticking out, you`ll be fine”. So I figured that even if today wasn`t the day were I would jog that route again, it would at leat be the day were I would walk it.

And you know what? It took forever and honestly my leg got a little fucked up from the weird way I was walking, but I finished that walk. Pluss, I got some added steps from when I initallly turned and walked back.

And eventually my ancle didn`t even hurt as much.

The lesson that I took from this?

Sometimes the best way to get back where you were or get to were you want to be, is to take a step back. It can be insanely frustrating. But what`s even more frustrating than spending double the time on a route, is not being able to take it at all because your hybris makes you push yourself too far and puts your recovery back. Listening to your body is so important. If your feeling pain, there is a reason. Your body isn`t pranking you, it`s giving you important signals. And I feel like this applies to so much more. For example, if you`re feeling super anxious at work or you feel depressed when you reatreat to your appartment at the end of the day. Maybe take a step back in your career chain and see if you want to go with option b? Everything in life doesn`t have to be lineare. Maybe your living room is painted in a colour that`s draining your energy? Maybe you should get a dog? Whatever is going on in your life, take time to check in with yourself. And don`t just feel the feelings and move on. Make change where change is needed. You are worth investing time and energy in.

That`s all for this little rant. I am just so happy that I actually went through with this walk and managed to not jog even when my ankle started too feel more ok, and even more happy that I had a mini-awakening, haha. I hope that this resonates with some of you. I really feel like anything you can do for yourself, you should do for yourself.

Have a great day,

and love yourself!




My dream panel of bloggers

I was recently inspired by a company called Eventbrite, which is a ticket selling platform for event planners. I wanted to share what my dream panel would be if I were ever to hold a blogger conference.

Who would be on my panel?

It`s hard to choose as there are obviously so many amazing bloggers out there. Obviously I had to narrow it down and I figured that four is a good number. You get in some variation, but it`s not chaos. You know? So these are my choices.

Sophie Elise- http://sophieelise.blogg.no/


This is the biggest blogger in Norway. At just age 22 she is a known household name all over the country and she makes a really good living of her blog and is frequently seen in nation vide commercials as well as on our reality show “the bloggers” (bloggerne). The reason I would love to have her at my panel is that I would love to ask her more about her political views, as she supports a different party than me, yet has many views I agree on. She is also known for having had a lot of plastic surgery and I would really want to ask her about what made her do it and if it`s made her any happier. Also if she has any advice for others who are considering getting something done and what questions she thinks you should ask yourself before going through with it.

Aleali (Uh-lay-lee) May– http://www.alealimay.com/

This image consultant and model is not just incredibly gorgeous and stylish, she is also a young successful entrepreneur and local LA celebrity. Since her blog is purely style based with pictures and descriptions, I have so many topics and questions that need answers from her. Like, what is it like going to Columbia business school?  Was styling Kedrick Lamar or Wiz Khalifa the most fun? What is racial identity like when you`re half african-american and half Filipino? But what I would most like to get out of having her on the panel, is spreading the idea that it`s not only possible to have a style that`s both high-end and street, it`s can also be 100 % amazing. Talk about best of both world.

Jasmine-  https://chanelinanutshell.wordpress.com/


When I first got asked to do this post, the first person I was sure I was going to include in my panel, was Jasmine. I have read her blog ever since I joined WP, and I am continually impressed by her. At only fourteen she is such a good writer and deep thinker, and her blog is basically what I tried to do when I was her age and failed at. And her style is A+! I would love to have her at my panel because “the young perspective” in so many situations means under 35, but really there is a whole group of people who are not being heard and are seeing the world in a totally different way that we should listen more to. Young teenagers have the curiosity and innocence of children, but also some life experience, knowledge and  vocabulary that makes them able to present their views.

 Krystal- http://thistimetomorrow.com

There are two things in life I`ll never get enough of (okay there are many, but here`s two of them), clothes and travels. Krystals blog is full of inspiration regarding both of these subjects. This is the go to blog for outfit ideas, travelling reviews and boosting about the 90s generation. Obviously all of these topics would be discussed, but even more important. East Coast vs West Coast! When will this ever not be a relevant and heated topic? Well, never, that`s when. Krystal has a lot of experience from both. Tell us all the inside secrets, Krystal! Also, she worked for google for five years! I`m sorry for rambling guys, but I can`t help that she`s both stylish and impossibly interesting. After watching “the interns”, we all want to no if working at google really is like that. Anyone who denies is is definitely lying.

What would I ask them?

I`ve already talked about some things that I want to know about them individually, but obviously the whole point of a panel is to get different views on the same topic. And to get to know interesting people and public figures of course. So here are some of the main questions I`d ask them.

  • If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who and why?
  • Do you believe that you can change the world through blogging? How?
  • What do you love most about your city?
  • Do you believe in pink?
  • What makes you unique as a blogger?
  • Where should our main focus be in the womens rights issue?
  • Subscribe and comment? haha

Where would it take place?

Probably at some really cool mall in London where all the under aged fashionistas would come in rain soaked and fan girl.


So there you go. That is my fantasy blog panel. Check out Eventbrite and the services they offer – it’s pretty cool!

You can go here to see what events they have going on in your area and here to set up your own! 🙂

And if you want to see my dream panel come to life or see me at someone else`s, then you can click  here, here or here to make me famous. Hahaha.

The most beautiful woman in the world

I think it’s so interesting how much our aesthetic perceptions differ. I know that beauty is largely  explained by science and has to do with symmetry and culture and all that. Yet there have been plenty of times where I’ve been like “omg, look at that girl, isn’t she gorgeous?” or “damn, look at that guy!” and whomever I have said it to have looked at me like I’m crazy. And it happens the other way around a lot to.

Personally I tend to find pale girls with dark hair and large eyes so beautiful! (Lily Collins, Rose McGowan types.). And dark skinned girls with freckles as well. 

For the most beautiful woman in the world I’d say Winona Ryder (especially in the late nineties, allthough she is a timeless beauty!). 

So who do you think is the most beautiful woman or women in the world? And do you have a specific look you love? 

PS: I call this one the Snow White, don’t judge. 

Happy “not 2016”!

You guys have literally no idea just how excited I am that it is finally a new year. I am so ready to just start with a clean slate and release the whole “oh my god, what is 2016 going to hit us with next” fear. Yesterday I bought myself a flamingo themed notebook that I will use for my 2017 business. Already written down my new years resolutions (Bridget Jones style), 2017 concrete goals, big purchases list, organizational methods and summer vacation plans. For the organising I also bought a to-do list with a magnet on the back. To be honest I had no idea about the magnet, so I was just like “bonus”. Anyways, bottom line is, I am ready for 2017.


First goal I`m going to tackle is to study Psychology 2 (for my extra exams).

What`s the first goal you`re going after this year?

What`s the scariest movie you have ever seen?

As I am writing this I am about to hit play and rewatch the scariest movie I have ever seen. And I can`t help but wonder why it is that whats scary is so unbelievably objective. When I was younger I never watched scary movies. I didn`t think they were scary or interesting. Also, the predictability was ridiculous.

Later though I have discovered a lot of actually good scary movies, though I still prefer psychological thrillers, with famous actors and directors that manage to keep it interesting. But with all the movies I have seen from “nightmare on Elm Street” to “the house at the end of the street”, the scariest movie I have ever seen, is still to this day, Coraline. I don`t know why. Maybe it`s the creepy button eyes, or maybe it`s the fact that it highlights the fact that we always try to overlook, that we are actually alone in this world. In the words of Kathy Bates in the “P.S I love you” filmation, “we are born alone, and we die alone”.

Side note: I think “Coraline” is the most terrifying movie ever, but my favorite scary movie is forever “Scream”. #zeefunfact. I also LOVE “The House at The end of the Street”, and not just because of the super hot guy.

What`s the scariest movie you`ve ever seen?

Be honest. This is a judgement free zone. Unless you wear crocs. That shit has to end.

Diet Soda vs Regular

I drink a lot of Coke Zero. Like to the point of light shame. Not strictly because of the calories, but because for me it`s truly amazing. I guess that has to do with the addictive substances and caffeine yada-yada. I also partly think that it`s because I wasn`t allowed to drink it as a child and it became sort of allusive and intriguing and so as soon as I could like go to the shop at school and stuff (well, we weren`t technically aloud, but adolescents amirite?), that was kind of my main point of interests. Anyways, sometimes I`ll have a regular soda (at least it`s better than Pepsi-Max, right?), just not the original coke, because I don`t like having flavored sugerwater poured down my throat and ruing my teeth. Anyways, there are a few good ones, like Sprite and a couple Norwegian ones. But what I am interested in, is, what`s your favorite? Do you prefer regular or diet, and what kind? Also, I`ve never had Mountain Dew, so if someone can tell me what that tastes like, I`d appreciate it!

Bilderesultat for coke zero vs diet coke


At least I`m drinking the one with the smallest amount of caffeine.

PS: Should I be worried about getting diabetes from my zero?


For a couple of seconds, lets imagine that you are an average guy who has a friend. You like the friend but the friend…well alas, they friend-zone you. You start to get angry after being ignored when you try to make a move on them. You have been there for your friend every day and […]

via LET’S TALK ABOUT NICE GUYS — Coconut & Rose

I just had to share this with you, because this is literally the truest thing I have ever read! I always warn/complain about self-proclaimed nice guys. I even tweetet about it a week ago.


Anyways, bottom line. Read this!

Plus size modeling vs straight size modeling

So, I really want to be a model, and I hope to move to London in the near future to pursue this. The only thing is that my current size is too big for “normal” modeling. I know that there are a lot of great opportunities for plus size models in London, and that many bigger models are having a lot of success lately. How ever I know that there are far more successful straight size models than plus size, and that they generally get better jobs. Lately I have been working really hard to lose weight and I have managed to lose around 15 and a half pounds. I guess what I`m asking is if you guys think I should continue to lose weight and then try my luck in the modeling world or if I should just go for it as a plus size model. My biggest concern with the plus size option next do the difficulties of the field, is that I`ll have to “keep up my curves” which might be hard now that I`ve come into the habit of exercising at least 2 hours a day, and could hold me back in acting as well.

What do you think I should do? And if you don`t have an answer, maybe you could help contribute to my pro-con list?

Bilderesultat for ashley graham

Ashley Graham is def 100 % gorgeous.

Bilderesultat for victoria secret model adriana lima

But Adriana Lima is a total boss.


Three of the day #8

It literally feels like forever since I`ve posted a “three of the day”, and I`m not sure why, since I really love writing them. I guess maybe at some point I felt that it was ridiculous for me to give others advice when my life is 100 % not together. But my new philosophy is that anyone, literally anyone, has something to offer and can be at least a small kind of guru. And even if you find what I`m writing pointless and unhelpful, I at least hope that you can pick up some positive vibes from it. I personally place vibes very highly, whether it comes to people, movies, artwork or places. Even when I write poems or speeches, I always just go with my instincts and try to follow a certain vibe. I definitely feel like humans haven`t lost the instincts that we see in the animal world, we`ve just stopped listening to it, and I think vibes is an undergroup of this. Like bad vibes to protect you from people you should avoid, positive vibes to give you energy to go about life`s boring or difficult tasks and a sense of purpose, and of course a general feel of all kinds of vibes to create beauty in art, fashion, words and everyday life. Sorry for that painfully long intro, but alas here are “three of the day”.

Advice of the day:

You know how where always advised to not put on too warm clothes in fall and beginning of winter, because when the real cold kicks in, we won`t be able to take are warmth game up that necessary notch to keep us from being in cold wind hell? No? Well, at least we get that tip here in Norway. And it is totally smart! Well, I personally feel like this tip is transferable to Christmas. Christmas is just pure fun, right? So therefore it is super easy to just dive right in. Listening to every Christmas song imaginable, gorging yourself in marzipan, Christmas tree shaped chocolate and holiday specials from Disney. The thing is though, that if you go full blown anti-Grinch from December first, then I almost guarantee that the real Christmas will not feel as special as it could have been, and it will actually be pretty anti-climactic (aka one of the worst feelings ever). However, I also believe in building the Christmas spirit. I mean, from the 22nd it is basically Christmas, and I will refuse to watch any movie without at least one Christmas tree or snow globe. And of course December is the Christmas month. But just take it slow. Instead of watching five Christmas movies every Saturday and Sunday, watch like two a week. Of course I`m not going to give you a detailed plan on how to do Christmas (I`m a narcissist, not a self proclaimed dictator), I just hope that you can “take it slow and let the good times roll”. (Sorry, die hard American Pie fan over here).


Motovation of the day!


Pretty much sums it up for my part!


Fashion tip of the day:

Oversized sweaters! In particular oversized knitted sweaters. It`s winter, which means it is about time to break out those comfortable and warm, yet also super stylish (at least for the most part) giant sweaters! I mean, if warm, big, super cute clothes are wrong, than I don’t wanna be right. Just don’t ever pair it with big, flowy pants or a long, wide skirt. I will die and come back to haunt you. It would be horrible to make any fashion mistakes with this type of piece when there are literally so many different ways to wear it, and so few ways to mess up. Variations include (but are definitely not limited to): pairing it with jeans, leggings, skirt with tights, shorts with tights, tall boots, ankle boots, flats, sneakers, big statement jewelry, with belt (incredible must try), no belt. Note: If you are the one to pull it off, shorts with thin tights (pantyhose) and knee highs or legwarmers is basically mandatory due to unexplained awesomeness and incredible aesthetics.


So that concludes the “Three of The Day” for today. Vibe: Winter, Christmas and exploration.


The secret life of moi

So yesterday I took yet another leap backwards. I went to see the new childrens movie “The secret life of pets”. I have previously written a post were I expressed my love for movies for kids. But I bet you didn`t know that it went so far that I was willing to go see them in the movie theater like som creepy pedo loner. That is my secret life, enjoy.

Haha just kidding. Well not about seeing the movie. I saw it and I loved it. What can I say, I`m a sucker for evil bunnies and movies that don`t last longer than 90 minutes. Also, I`m not a creepy pedo loner. The reason I was there is that I was having some family time. I`m almost 17, which means I`ll be moving out soon and most likely to another country. And my brother is 12 years old, which means he`ll be a bitch teen soon. And I don`t have time to deal with that.

So yesterday I went to the movies with my mom, brother and my brothers friend, because I am that loser. And I`m cool with  that.

I think it`s very cool how we all have these different roles. Like at school I`m the girl who doesn`t care what anyone thinks and gets the top grades. Too my extended family I am the soon-to-be lawyer who is too good for sweatpants (seriuolsy hate them) and refuses to back down in a political discussion. And at home I am the annoying teenager who takes up the shared space, but doesn`t shy away from spending time with her beloved family. Even in public.

And that is, the secret life of moi.


Tbh, I was just going to write about the movie but this post apparently took a life of it`s own. #putting this in the rant section.