I am literally obsessed with cinnamon and its delicious strong flavor lately. Maybe it`s me wanting to hold on to the fall? I don`t know, but I`m into it.

Bilderesultat for cinnamon

Here is what I`ve been using it for lately:

  • warmed apple
  • mashed banana
  • tea
  • coffee
  • vegan milkshake (will post recipe later, it`s delish!)

What do you use cinnamon for?


Happy Valentine’s Day! 

So, while I tragically enough got sick today of all days (my third favorite holiday after thanksgiving and halloween), I still have to wish you a happy Valentines day! Especially as the “you” has grown so much since the last one 🙂 

I was going to practice som self love all day with shopping and a rom-com marathon, but instead I’ll give you some tools to the same, to show my appreciation for you. 

So, here are my tips.

Number one: Get into the spirit of love with some cute and happy movies

My preferred once would be these:

1. The “Bridget Jones”-series

2. Valentine’s Day

3. Crazy Stupid Love

4. Breakfast at Tiffanys 

5. You’ve got mail
Number two: Take some time to unwind

Do whatever relaxes you the most. Here are some ideas:

1. Take a long bath

2. Read a book or a magazine

3. Sit with just a cup of tea and your thoughts

4. Listen to your favorite album
Number three: Indulge

An insanely high percentage of the population is on a diet at all times. On the day of love we can permit ourselves to, you know, chill, right? So I am urging you to right now go out and by whatever your heart desires (food wise, I will not be held responsible for any crediy card debt) and just relax and be happy. And besides the health pressure of society, just give yourself a general break.

That would be all. Happy Valentine’s guys! 😀 

Adult pigtails

“Pigtails are for children”. “Oh my god, you can`t wear pigatils in High School”.

I wish I could wear pigtails that looked so adult. Mine make me look like a five year old:

(, from Rachel Williams-Cook via Pinterest)

For real guys, I cannot be the only one that loves this look!

Bilderesultat for adult pigtails

(, from Trendland via Pinterest).

Even the worlds most adorable person, Zooey Deschanel, doesn`t look like a child with them at all.

Bilderesultat for zooey deschanel pigtails

(, from Stylebistros long hair lookbook).

So try out this style!

Bilderesultat for adult pigtails



Heads up though, as with everything, pigtails work for some and not for others. Cute pigtails are great and cool and all that. But for some people in doesn`t work, some may even look to young.

Tip: Either go very low and causual with a frizzy look (if your hair is moderately long at least) or staighten your hair and go with a very high, tight look. Don`t make it too natural (I know, I sound horrible now), because that does actually make the wrong accosiations.

Three small ways to get into the christmas spirit today

Number one: Wtch one (or all!) of the movies I mentioned in one of my previous posts  or one of these other amazing movies: Die Hard, Home Alone, Snow Globe or the family man.

My 5 favorite Christmas Movies!:

PS: Christmas specials of your favorite shows also work!

Number two: Do some fun DIY`s! Literally just google, wikihow or pinterest search “chritmas DIY`s” and you will come to find that the possibilities are endless!

DIY Christmas Tree Reindeer Ornaments | Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make | Cheap Handmade Christmas Decorations on a Budget DIY


Number three: Listen to this free podcast of the classic “A Christmas carol” by Charles Dickens! #thanksamazon #notsponsored


My 5 favorite youtubers


Superwoman (aka Lily Singh) is probably the YouTuber I have watched most consistently for the longest period. She is hilarious and inspiring. If you haven`t seen any of her videos, be sure to check out the “types of people” videos. Those are what got me hooked like three years ago (types of teachers and types of parents is like, where is the lie?).


Honestly, how do you look this good with crazy eyes? (

Yoga with Adriene:

I love yoga. And there is a reason why Adriene has the biggest yoga-channel. She is positive, but not annoyingly so, funny, motivating and she explains everything in a very simple way, so that you understand what you`re supposed to do without even looking at the screen. Furthermore, she introduces terminology just enough so that we remember the words. AKA, she does not try to make us learn Hindu in 5 minutes.


(Stolen from Twitter. Yes, I am ashamed of myself).

Natalia Taylor:

A hilarious story time teller/gorgeous model who really puts herself out there and continues to spread positive messages to the world. A few days ago (or maybe a week, I don`t have a functioning memory center in my brain), she released a video called “stop feeling stressed” about how some things deserve our emotional involvement, and others don`t. I.e. cry over family matters, not temp jobs.


Sonya Esman:

Vlogger and fashion YouTuber who talks about the acting and modeling industry and how she gets her jobs (gigs). She also has a Russian channel, and the amazing eastern European features that we`re all so jealous of.



Yes, I am seventeen and I watch Smosh. To be fair it`s usually with my thirteen year old brother. But the videos are usually pretty funny. Especially the “every *blank* ever” videos and the celebrity interview pranks (The Rock, J-Law, etc.) Also, one of the main guys has like a latino-ish Zac Efron look, and another used to be in the “So Random” Disney show, so like, bring on the childhood crush memories, right?

smoBilderesultat for smosh 2015The hotness.

Anyways those are my favorite YouTube channels. What are yours?

My 5 favorite Christmas Movies!

So far this year I have watched a lot of b- made for TV christmas movies. Which is fun. But it`s basically just a warm up for the real game. Which will include, but is definitely not limited to, these movies!


The Grinch

Relatert bilde

Probably the most heartwarming and childhood defining movie of all time! I can honestly say that I have never had more nightmares about anything than the Grinches creepy smile (at the age of four, chill), yet it never put me off the movie, so it`s obviously amazing.  If you haven`t seen this movie yet, then what are you waiting for? Leave this post right now and don`t come back until you have. Live your best life! Honestly though, the Grinch is based on the Dr.Seuss story/book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and is narrated so. It is about a grinch who grew up in whoesville feeling like an outcast and left for the mountains, becoming an urban legend. He then returns when an adorable girl named “Cindy Lou Who” convinces him to come accept a reward from the mayor, his rival. After the stressing ceremony, he decides to ruin their Christmas by stealing all their presents and Christmas ornaments and trees with his trusty sidekick- his dog Max. If this isn’t enough to convince you: Cindy Lou Who is played by Taylor Momsen!


“The Smile”. Now gives me sort of creepy tinder guy selfie vibes tbh.

Bilderesultat for cindy lou who

Momsen av Cindy. Basically a 1980 child beauty pagent contestant.

The Holiday

Bilderesultat for the holiday

Love Actually is cool and all, but I am forever team “The Holiday”. There is just something about this “American-British” best of both worlds things that I really love. And the actors (Cameron Diaz, Judd Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black) are all just so funny and amazing. I love how the whole movie is built on obvious contrasts and defining similarities. For those of you who haven`t seen it, it`s basically “Rich american with guy problems swaps houses with small town brit with guy problems, both are totally into local guy”. FTR: If you haven`t seen Love Actually, you really should chech that one out as well.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Bilderesultat for the santa clause 3 the escape clause

Obviously being  human and all I do love the whole “The Santa Clause”-trilogy and I do tend to marathon them every year, but this one is my absolute favorite. All of them are filled with holiday spirit and give me a glimpse of that Christmas joy I felt as a child since the movie is literally taking place on the North Pole. This one is the funniest because it has all of the classic legend characters (like Mother Nature and The Tooth Fairy), most importantly “Jack Frost” which is angry because he does not have his own holiday and tries to steal Christmas. With his sympatic and charismatic personality he sort of gives of the vibes of a Kim Possible villain. Basically, he`s hilarious.

A Diva`s Christmas Carol

Bilderesultat for a diva's christmas carol

I love this movie for many reasons. Partly because the main character portrayed by one of the coolest and most beautiful actors of all time, Vanessa Williams (AKA Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty, AKA girl power personified). Also because this character is super relatable. Colored diva who only cares about money and success. I don`t want to say me but… *raises hand only partly with shame*. Basically this movie is a modern (well year 2000) remake of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”, but instead of a business man it`s a famous popstar.

Fred Clause

Bilderesultat for fred clause

Vince Vaughn as the black bitter sheep of the Clause family? Yes, please. Beautiful, relatable, hilarious. Yes, Elf is super funny. But is it “Fred Clause” funny? No.

Anyways, here are a list of my favorite generic christmas movies. Closer to Christmas, when I write about my traditions, I`ll also include the movies we watch here in Norway on Christmas morning (which is the 24th for us).

What movies do you watch every year around christmas?


Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

(Click on the images to be directed to the sites).

Balance is the goal in every area of life, so here to counterpart the “Christmas Gift Ideas for Her” here are some gift ideas for HIM 🙂





Fun socks!



So those were some ideas for the young men and boys in your life! What you think?

PS: I might collect a small share from purchases made from this links.