Feminist Apparel

As you might know, I place feminism very high on my list of personal and social priorities. I feel like it should definitely be a no-brainer that women should have equal rights, but thanks to people like Donald Trump, it`s not. So I feel like it`s really important, especially for young women to take our place in society and make a statement that clearly says that we will not be treated as less-than. One of the ways to do this, which I also do with my vegan beliefs, is to claim the word “feminist” as a positive word. Like Masie Williams said, feminists are the normal ones, and the others are sexist. Anyways, I will proudly wear clothes that showcase my personality and politics, as long as they`re super cute and stylish of course. And I hope that you will to. Therefore, I have found some items for you from feministapperal.com. As always, you can click the photo to be directed to the page where you can buy the item.








These are just a few. So if you like (or hopefully love!) these, I think I`ll do a part two, where I also include adorable pet clothes and socks. But, first, I must include this equally cute and sad vegan/vegetarian one.

My Body Is Not For Your Consumption -- Women's Tanktop

PS: Many of the brands and designers have their own causes that they donate money from your purchase to. For example steet harrassment.

Why I love kids movies

Okay, this post was not planned, at all. But I am currently watching the sequel of «Hotel Transylvania” and it is so funny. Honestly, I cannot imagine ever not finding children’s movies fun anymore. And here is why.

(this movie is AWESOME).

First of all, the most obvious reason is of course that they always end well. In other movies I am always aware that something horrible and sad is very likely to happen. And that does not mean that I do not enjoy the movie, but it is definitely more relaxing to watch a movie that is just “all fun and games”. I have to admit that I am a very stressed person in general, so when I watch a movie with a lot of suspense and hints that bad things will happen, I easily get very caught up in it and stressed. But come on, let’s be honest, we all love a happy ending. It is how we grow up after all.

Which brings me to the next point. Growing up is a necessary and fun adventure, but sometimes we need to forget everything about vacuuming, essays and bank accounts. What better way to do exactly that then watch a movie from way, way before all they liberating, yet exhausting  lessons of adulthood ever entered your life. Watching Shrek, 101 Dalmatians or Hercules is as fun know, as it was “back in the days”. Maybe even more so know that you get all the dirty jokes.


Don`t grow up, it`s a trap! (https://www.flickr.com/photos/newtown_grafitti/8889644775 Legally downloaded from Flickr via Google).


This is partly what the third point is built around. Most movies for children are made in this genius way when it comes to humor. Everything is said with such enthusiasm that you just have to laugh at even the stupid jokes. Other than that, the movies are designed to not majorly bore parents and, ahem, older siblings, so they also have a lot of jokes that the children will not understand, but that are funny for the elder. Is it wrong of my to laugh a little too much at Hades slightly sexualized comments like “What we need is curves” (followed by demonstrating hand motions) and “Looks like I just revealed the fore-play”. Okay, it might just be my bad humor, but in general, the principle just stands.


(Love the god, love the character. Legally extracted from this youtube video via google).

As you might know, Hades is made a very interesting and funny character in the Hercules Disney movie. You might also know that movies like this, much like the books for the same age group, are often filled with extremely odd and inevitably hilarious characters. The characters are often so strange that it is not realistic at all. Yet, as I previously mentioned, the enthusiasm and the humor level is so high that it feels believable and often the weirdest characters are our favorites. After all we are the “me” “you” generation. A movie experience is just not complete without establishing which odd character resembles your friend most and which resembles you. Then you have to say “omg, that is totally you” after basically everything the character does. Because, let’s be honest, we are all in reality just weird characters who have our own catch phrases and make horrible, yet hilarious, decisions on a daily basis.


That is why I love children’s movies!

If you are brave enough to admit that you watch these types of movies, and we all know that you do, comment which movie is your favorite and who “you” are!

Should we care about our looks?


People seem to think that caring about looks is vain, shallow and shows that you are immature and unintelligent. Yet, the same people who judge those who wear high heels and neat clothes to school, or have plastic surgery done, seem to be the same people who complain about weight or having too big of a nose. Because they are caring about the “right” kind of looks. Because weight is linked to health and because they are “so brave” for having that slightly big nose. Now, I am not writing this to convince you to go under the knife or spend an hour on your making each day. I wish no one had plastic surgery, but I am also glad that people can make that choice and do not think that anyone should be judged for doing so. We all do things that others do not understand the reasons for. Sometimes we do not even know ourselves. Why do I put salsa on everything? I don`t know. Why do I finger pistol my reflection? No idea. Why do I use Jean d`Arces `monologue as my prayer? I have absolutely no clue. However, I am assuming that when people put their life in risk for a smaller nose or bigger boobs, they have a pretty deep reason.

Bilderesultat for plastic surgery

(Legally extracted from youtube via google. Video about plastic surgery here.)

Weirdly enough though, that had absolutely nothing to do with todays post. Maybe not “weirdly enough” since it is pretty standard me to talk myself away from a point. Running, running, running. Aaaand we are back. Okay, todays post. Should we care bout our looks? Also known as “why we should care about our appearance”? Like I said, It sounds shallow. However, the fact is, it is not. Yes, looks can be used for many things. Sex, money, power, manipulation and success. It can also be used for motivation, happiness, interpersonal relationships, work ethic and being serious about life.

Bilderesultat for blazer

When you get up in the morning, take a shower and put on sweatpants, you kind of feel like “okay, I did it. I am up. No I can relax”. When you get up in the morning, take a shower, feel fresh, and then put on a pair of jeans and a respectable shirt or blazer you feel motivated. Ready to take on the world. You feel more confident and prepared to work hard. You will also send out vibes that say, “I am a real human being who is trying my best” instead of “I am just here because I have to be, do not talk to me”. In addition, if you go to a school, or even more importantly, if you have a job, it is about respect for the establishment and your co-workers. You are not there by force, and they are paying you money to be there, the least you can do is take care of your personal hygiene and wear something that Eric Cartman would not. Besides, people have a tendency to think that those who look like they work the hardest do. And while this might not always be true, it is still how the world works, so if you like promotions and good grades, you should probably just “roll with it”. To the last point, being serious about life. Heavy stuff, especially coming from someone who spends hours sorting lip-glosses and Dr. Seuss books by color, but still has not learned to read a map. Nevertheless, the point is simply that when you were something empowering, doing a good job feels like it matters more than when you start the day with a “I don`t give a fuck attitude”. And by work hard, I don`t just mean in an employment kind of way. If your mission for the day is to water the plants, it is still much more likely to get done if you feel like a “worker bee” or “queen bee”. Queen bee usually does it for me. If you are not convinced yet, just check out this coolioko info-grapho-thingy-thing-thang.


(Made with the super cool Canva).

Why I am a vegetarian

When I was born, one of our three cats would always sleep next to me to make sure I was safe. A few years later, I moved, to be closer to family, and met the dog Leon who was born the same year as me. His eyes always looked filled with love and compassion, and together we discovered a love for the forest. Out in nature you do not use words or devices to communicate, only looks and vibes. And any being is capable of that. Mankind, canines, felines, you name it. Did you know that a sheep never forgets a face? That an elephant can experience deep depression? That some apes can die from a heartbreak?

We have all seen Babe or Charlotte’s web, and it is a roller coaster, right? We just cannot have anything bad happen do that adorable little pig, and when everything works out great, we are so happy! Yet, in real life, it doesn’t seem to bother people to much that pigs are forced to get pregnant again and again, until their body cannot take it and they die of a heart attack from the strain. Before that, they have close to permanent open wounds on their bodies as a result from laying all the time in a small, enclosed space. Let us play a game, a game called who suffers the most. The baby pig who is ripped away from his or hers mother to soon to be fattened up and slaughtered as if they mean nothing. Or the mother who keeps being forced to get these babies, but never gets to keep them and doesn’t know where they are or why their gone. Who has it worse?

Bilderesultat for charlotte's webhhh

Expectations vs reality.

(Both legally extracted via google. First is on youtube as True Movie Hits (CH.44) – Charlotte`s Web by TrueVisionsOfficial and the second on wikipedia; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestation_crate)

Chances are that you are a decent human being who does not intend  play this game at all. Because it is not a game. It is real life. And there are no winners. I guess the reasons why I had to discuss this, is because I myself have been having some struggles lately. A bad feeling, accompanied by some frightening nightmares about, yes, the food industry. Because I am not a vegan, I am not really even a vegetarian. I eat dairy, eggs and fish. And I feel bad about it. So bad that this text is apparently coming to a conclusion that I did not even know it would until I started writing this very paragraph.

What I wanted to say is that I am guessing many of you have felt the love and wisdom from cats, dogs or even tortoises. So why would we think that pigs, cows and chickens are any less? Because they are delicious? Josh Hutcherson is incredibly hot, but that does not mean that he is not intelligent as well. Many things awaken the primal in us, but we live in 2016, which means that we should let reason and compassion win. We are not cavemen, we are enlightened, modern and change wanting people with all that comes with it. So I wanted to say that even if you do not feel like making a big decision, just do baby steps, or honestly, just being aware of things and thinking about them usually subconsciously helps us make better decisions.  I guess there are just so many aspects and benefits to this that I will have to write about it some other time. But as I earlier stated, the direction kind of took a change in my head as I was writing and thinking about all the animal cruelty and how bad I feel when I eat these products. So with that in mind, I am going to make my 2016 mission a tomorrow mission and just go cold turkey on the animal products. And after seeing this video, I am even more sure about my decision, because this is by far the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.

(Legally extracted from youtube.)

Like I said, I do not think that I am better than anyone who eats meat, because I am not. I just hope that we can all work together to create a better world for all. And I believe that change begins with awerness.


Feminism? The new, well, everything?

Lately the media, and especially our beloved fashion magazines, have focused a lot on feminism, and the voices of feminism. One could wonder why. What I mean is, this is 2016 and women rights has been an important issue for more than a hundred years. So what was so special about 2015, and by the looks of it, 2016 as well? Perhaps it is just that the younger generations are seeing causes that hit closer to home. When Jennifer Lawrence, the embodiment of Katniss Everdeen- the girl on fire, does not get payed as well as her male co-stars there is no way the younger generations of the West are going to let that slide. If J-Law does not get the big bucks, then who does? When we in addition to this have Emma Watson telling us in her speech for her new position with the United Nations to focus on women rights, we are going to do it. That is just how it works. When Hermione says jump, we jump! And of course it does not hurt that what she is saying in particular is not only inspiring and intelligent, but also great put. Such as this quote on why men should not shy away from using the word feminist about them self ““Men think it’s a women’s word. But what it means is that you believe in equality, and if you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist. Sorry to tell you. You’re a feminist. You’re a feminist. That’s it.”. Well, we can not argue with that, and we should not either. 

HeForShe Logo Badge withTagline Use On White.png

Amazing Emma Watson and the symbol for her incredible campaign “HeForShe” which is making men more involved in equality and helps them identify as feminists.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HeForShe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Watson (Both images extracted from Wikipedia February 4, 2016,Image 1 published 03.02.2016, Image 2 published January 30 2016)

Other than this, we might even be on the verge of getting a female president now. One small step for Hillary Clinton, one big step for us as a collective society, were other power hungry, hopefully future presidents such as myself are a part. But come on, we have been surrounded by girl-power for ages. Meryl Streep, Beyoncé, Amy Pohler and Lena Dunham. So what is so special about now? Has this just increased gradually or is there just something in the air? Either way, I am loving it! As we all know, discrimination and injustice cannot be fought in The White House or on CNN. It can start with politics, role models and people with power, but true change can only happen with the power of the people. Having a black president has not stopped police violence against black people. Nor has legalizing gay marriage stopped people against discriminating and disrespecting the homosexuals. We can have as many policies as we want, and as many rights, but that still will not stop people from saying that women cannot be soldiers, mechanics or doctors. We know that they are wrong, and now society most reflect on to them that their attitudes are outdated and ridicules!

The generic symbol for feminism.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminism (Legally extracted from Wikipedia 04.02. 2016, published January 21, 2016).

In this incredibly exciting time for all political aspects of life we are seeing a flood of essays, books and blogs from unapologetic women with a lot to say and an amazing way of putting it. One of my personal favorites is Lena Dunhames book “Not that kind of girl”. I bought this book while on a cruise and I immediately fell in love with it. Lena Dunham is the definition of direct, and an amazing mixture of crude, lovable and old-fashioned weird! Putting your life out there in such an honest and yet humorous way is so impressive and even more brave. In this book, which is a collection of essays about her life were all is tied together, she talks about subjects such as childhood, work and sex in a way that makes everything sound like it is no big deal, but also that it is the biggest deal in the world.  Wanting to be a successful woman myself and also hoping to publish at least one book in my lifetime, I have rarely felt so inspired as I did while reading this book, maybe except for when I read the book the second time. Dunham is what a woman should be like! Brave, honest, true to herself and ready to take on the world and not give one single fuck about people’s thoughts on what you wear, eat or do. As long as you are doing your work, and crushing it, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to claim that you cannot succeed or that you are not worth as much as someone else. Because you are! And if you have the biggest part in a movie, get the best contracts for your firm or get the highest score on your history test, then you do deserve the most money, the most credit and the highest grade. You deserve everything you work for!

I keep a tinsign of this on my bedroom wall to remind myself that they could do it, they did it and we can all do whatever we set our minds to.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminist_movement (Legally extracted from wikipedia 04.02.2016, published February 3 2016).

Malala was fifteen years old when she was shot for what she believed in! How can anyone say that women are weak, when this not even yet woman literally risked her life for the opportunity to make a difference. If she was brave enough to take a stand against the Taliban when still in middle school, you are brave enough to demand respect and equal pay!

PS: Sorry for not being particularily funny, I just woke up so politically inspired, but I promise I will make it up to you in my next post.