How to organize your bookshelf

Lately I have been trying to really go through my stuff and get rid of stuff I don`t need as well as building a system. I mean I have a system. The type of system where you remember which jeans are in which chair. But lately I have been wanting a more military style system. So yesterday my bookshelf was in focus. It turned out really great and I had a weird sense of OCD infused pride. So this is how I did it.

Step 1: Place the newest books on top

I know this doesn`t sound super crucial, but it is actually quite logical when you think of it. First of all, it is easier to access the books you have bought and want to read. And second, newer books generally look better and shinier. You should also place your favorites on top if you like to reread them or if they just feel special to you.

Step 2: Place series and aurthors together

When you have the books on top, you are ready to decide placements. This should be sorted by series together and those together in groups of the author. Then place thye series and single books by height as best you can.

Step 3: Place “impressive” books and academic books on the shelfs under the first ones

By impressive books I mean slightly pretenious books such as “Catcher in the rye” and “Pride and prejeduice”. We are doing this for two reasons. A. easy access. B. it looks good. Long live vanity. I know mine will.

Step 4: Sort the others

This is done in this order of importance: series, author, height, publishing house series, color.

Step 5: Add elements

Bookshelf usually contain more than just books. Often they contain messes as well. But today we are going to place choosen items in the shelf, not random. This can for example be a statuette, some magazines on the inside or a pair of sunglasses on the outside.

Here are pictures of how my shelf turned out. But note that I had to give away around 25 books and put away around 80-100 to not have to place any on top of eachother. That doesn`t mean that you can`t. Place all you want, as long as you aviod total chaos. Than the point is kind of lost.

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While I am sorting out my room I am considering doing a series on stuff like this. What do you think?