Three of the day #11

Don’t think that my long break from blogging means that I’ve forgotten about my three of the days, because it definitely does not. I think this might be my first summer- 3ad ever, so hopefully I won’t let you down! Haha.

Advice of the day:

Take advantage of the sun! The weather has been really on and of this summer, but lately it’s been generally good. So my advice is to take advantage of this. Go to the beach, or just read in the sun in your garden. Or take a page right out of my book and take a few selfies in the best lighting there is, natural light! There are endless things to do outside when you’re not half-freezing to death (I live in Norway, so I’d know). Bonus tip: Get a new pair of sunglasses and take some cool pics while you’re at it 😉 

Motovation  of the day:

Since a lot of us are out on summer break, I don’t really know how much motovation is needed, but just incase your feeling down or not on break, we’re doing this right now, haha. Okay, so there are a lot of cool things going on right now, right? The sun, concerts, everyone bubbling of joy while daydreaming about the vacations. But what’s the best thing going on atm, you ask? Sales! June is the designated sales month of the season, and I personally, am here for it, and so should you be. So go out and see how much you can get for how little or buy something you’ve always wanted. June-shopping works for every budget! But if you really don’t have any money to spare right know, go outside and soak up some vitamin D. Free and guaranteed too make you feel great! 

Fashion tip of the day:

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a bikini top and high waisted jeans or shorts for your lounging, beaching (coming for you oxford dictionary 2018) or basically any other outdoor vacation stuff. Just bring along a t-shirt to throw on before entering a store. 

Have a great day! 

Fun and cute Chritmas poetry

I love poetry, and I tend to gravitate towards the darker poems. But not today! Today I have read through a bunch of festive christmas poems, and I have carefully selected the three that i would love to share with you 🙂

Bilderesultat for christmas poems

Bilderesultat for christmas poems


Bilderesultat for christmas poems




Three of the day #4


It is that kind of day. And by that I do not mean those infamous days were everything seems to be going against you. I do not even mean that horrific first day of your period. The horrors we are forced to face this time is something much more unavoidable. Sunday. I once said that Sunday is like the last meal on death row. Of course, that is a completely exaggerated and probably inappropriate joke. But the point stands. It is hard to enjoy Sunday because it is the stepping-stone to Monday. Yet, I say we give it a shot. Hey ho, let’s go.


Advice of the day:

Today I am going to hand you with an advice that I thought I would never share. But giving that a few of my closest friends practically are professionals in this area I figured it would be appropriate. As you know, it is really hard to relax right before the week begins when a lot of us feel like we have achieved nothing this weekend. Like, literally nothing. Let’s face it, most of us have either basically grown in to or couch, filled are selves with the beautiful poison we call alcohol or possibly contracted a hush-hush disease. So instead of saying something ridicules like “do your homework” or “clean your room” which granted probably is what we should actually be doing, I am going to give you a realistic and much- better-for-your-health advice. Go into the sea of fucking epic TV-shows and movies. Just dive right in there, get hocked and spend the rest of your day getting so sucked in that you can relax guilt-free and actually be in a somewhat good mood come Monday morning. If you are a sucker for Netflix like my friends, and as much as I hate to say it, myself as well to some degree, I have some recommendations for you. Sleepy Hollow, Black List, How to get away with murder, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Grace and Frankie are pretty amazing. There is this other show to that I am desperately trying to remember the name of, but I will get back to you on that. Just follow my advice. You will not regret it. Until like 3 am in the morning. Haha, moving on.


Motivation of the day:


The world is full of adorable things. And sometimes, motivation is not just about achieving things and doing your best. Sometimes it is about feeling good and feeling motivated to do what you really want, whatever that may be. So as I said, the world is full of adorable stuff, and I feel like this day is a perfect day to be reminded of that. Therefore, I present you with, the collage!


(Thank you picmonkey. Recomend to all!)

When it comes to fashion tip of the day, just wrap yourself in duvets, blankets and covers. I know I for one am not leaving this house. The amount of snow here is ridiculous. So wear whatever you want, just, for the love of God, choose jeans over sweatpants. That clothing has just gone too far in our society. Until next time peeps!

PS: Yes, I just said peeps. What ya gonna do bout it, hunty?