Newest make-up! <3

I am literally still so excited about my new Christmas calendar. Like, keep bringing on the make-up!

So today, I got for days nine, ten and eleven. And here`s what I got!


  • Lipstick- Let`s do it
  • Chubby Stick- Party in Paris
  • Pro Water Resistant Kohl Pencil – Dark Brown

Do you have a Christmas Calendar? And do you think the make-up thing is a fun idea?

Snow! (and Christmas?)

Okay, so here in oh so cold Norway it’s been snowing pretty much constantly since Thursday. I swear every morning I wake up and think that it must be christmas break!

Here is a picture to validate my feelings.

It’s no longer my garden, it’s the North Pole.

Anyways, I thought I might do a couple of Christmas posts, you know to share this jolly Christmas spirit of mine. What do you think? Is it to early? I know we haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet, and trust me, I’m ALL about Thanksgiving, but I figured I might as well take advatage of this weird mode while it lasts. Well, up to you.

Anyways. Is there snow where you live and where would that be?