Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

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Magazine Subscription!

Motivating books!

Fun socks!

Cute notebooks/notepads!


Well, those were a few gift ideas for the girls in your life! Hopefully it was useful ❤


My day so far

As a write this, it is noon., in other words, the day just started. However, as I got up pretty early today, I feel like I`ve already got some stuff done.

So here is my day so far.

I got up at 03:30 am for some tea and a magazine.


I then got some writing and planning done.


After this I took an, um, *cough* #nojudge, cab, to the gym. The gym opens at 5 am, so I made sure to be there at that time, as I have to leave already at 5:50 to have time fo the 30 minute walk home before I get ready for school.


Yes, I did accidentally take pictures without my head. To my defence I have never taken a gym selfie before, and therefore felt a lot of pressure. Yup.


Saw this beautiful three on my way home. I was also going to take a picture of the view from the bridge, but I was listening to Beyonce, so you can see how I was not as focused as I should have been.

After my half hour walk, I got home, got dressed and had some nicecream for breakfast. Unforunately, my nicecream turned out super ugly, so I just could not take a picture. But I can disclose that it was cocoa and pb. I also hung out with my cat.

Later, I went to school where I got a few books for the summer.


Later I am probably going too either go shopping, go to the library or take a walk. Maybe all if I have time. What do you think I should do?



What have you done so far today, and what do you have planned for later?