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So I probably should have posted this on March eight, but I guess it`s never a wrong time to throw a little feminism in people’s faces. So here is a lighthearted poem I have written and the treatment of women in society in the impossible standards we are held to. Don`t worry, it`s short and chill.



So that`s it. Hope you liked it!

Feminist Apparel

As you might know, I place feminism very high on my list of personal and social priorities. I feel like it should definitely be a no-brainer that women should have equal rights, but thanks to people like Donald Trump, it`s not. So I feel like it`s really important, especially for young women to take our place in society and make a statement that clearly says that we will not be treated as less-than. One of the ways to do this, which I also do with my vegan beliefs, is to claim the word “feminist” as a positive word. Like Masie Williams said, feminists are the normal ones, and the others are sexist. Anyways, I will proudly wear clothes that showcase my personality and politics, as long as they`re super cute and stylish of course. And I hope that you will to. Therefore, I have found some items for you from As always, you can click the photo to be directed to the page where you can buy the item.








These are just a few. So if you like (or hopefully love!) these, I think I`ll do a part two, where I also include adorable pet clothes and socks. But, first, I must include this equally cute and sad vegan/vegetarian one.

My Body Is Not For Your Consumption -- Women's Tanktop

PS: Many of the brands and designers have their own causes that they donate money from your purchase to. For example steet harrassment.

Feminism? The new, well, everything?

Lately the media, and especially our beloved fashion magazines, have focused a lot on feminism, and the voices of feminism. One could wonder why. What I mean is, this is 2016 and women rights has been an important issue for more than a hundred years. So what was so special about 2015, and by the looks of it, 2016 as well? Perhaps it is just that the younger generations are seeing causes that hit closer to home. When Jennifer Lawrence, the embodiment of Katniss Everdeen- the girl on fire, does not get payed as well as her male co-stars there is no way the younger generations of the West are going to let that slide. If J-Law does not get the big bucks, then who does? When we in addition to this have Emma Watson telling us in her speech for her new position with the United Nations to focus on women rights, we are going to do it. That is just how it works. When Hermione says jump, we jump! And of course it does not hurt that what she is saying in particular is not only inspiring and intelligent, but also great put. Such as this quote on why men should not shy away from using the word feminist about them self ““Men think it’s a women’s word. But what it means is that you believe in equality, and if you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist. Sorry to tell you. You’re a feminist. You’re a feminist. That’s it.”. Well, we can not argue with that, and we should not either. 

HeForShe Logo Badge withTagline Use On White.png

Amazing Emma Watson and the symbol for her incredible campaign “HeForShe” which is making men more involved in equality and helps them identify as feminists. (Both images extracted from Wikipedia February 4, 2016,Image 1 published 03.02.2016, Image 2 published January 30 2016)

Other than this, we might even be on the verge of getting a female president now. One small step for Hillary Clinton, one big step for us as a collective society, were other power hungry, hopefully future presidents such as myself are a part. But come on, we have been surrounded by girl-power for ages. Meryl Streep, Beyoncé, Amy Pohler and Lena Dunham. So what is so special about now? Has this just increased gradually or is there just something in the air? Either way, I am loving it! As we all know, discrimination and injustice cannot be fought in The White House or on CNN. It can start with politics, role models and people with power, but true change can only happen with the power of the people. Having a black president has not stopped police violence against black people. Nor has legalizing gay marriage stopped people against discriminating and disrespecting the homosexuals. We can have as many policies as we want, and as many rights, but that still will not stop people from saying that women cannot be soldiers, mechanics or doctors. We know that they are wrong, and now society most reflect on to them that their attitudes are outdated and ridicules!

The generic symbol for feminism. (Legally extracted from Wikipedia 04.02. 2016, published January 21, 2016).

In this incredibly exciting time for all political aspects of life we are seeing a flood of essays, books and blogs from unapologetic women with a lot to say and an amazing way of putting it. One of my personal favorites is Lena Dunhames book “Not that kind of girl”. I bought this book while on a cruise and I immediately fell in love with it. Lena Dunham is the definition of direct, and an amazing mixture of crude, lovable and old-fashioned weird! Putting your life out there in such an honest and yet humorous way is so impressive and even more brave. In this book, which is a collection of essays about her life were all is tied together, she talks about subjects such as childhood, work and sex in a way that makes everything sound like it is no big deal, but also that it is the biggest deal in the world.  Wanting to be a successful woman myself and also hoping to publish at least one book in my lifetime, I have rarely felt so inspired as I did while reading this book, maybe except for when I read the book the second time. Dunham is what a woman should be like! Brave, honest, true to herself and ready to take on the world and not give one single fuck about people’s thoughts on what you wear, eat or do. As long as you are doing your work, and crushing it, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to claim that you cannot succeed or that you are not worth as much as someone else. Because you are! And if you have the biggest part in a movie, get the best contracts for your firm or get the highest score on your history test, then you do deserve the most money, the most credit and the highest grade. You deserve everything you work for!

I keep a tinsign of this on my bedroom wall to remind myself that they could do it, they did it and we can all do whatever we set our minds to. (Legally extracted from wikipedia 04.02.2016, published February 3 2016).

Malala was fifteen years old when she was shot for what she believed in! How can anyone say that women are weak, when this not even yet woman literally risked her life for the opportunity to make a difference. If she was brave enough to take a stand against the Taliban when still in middle school, you are brave enough to demand respect and equal pay!

PS: Sorry for not being particularily funny, I just woke up so politically inspired, but I promise I will make it up to you in my next post.