Learning life lessons before the sun rises

So, a couple of weeks ago I discovered that I could jog 7 km (4 miles) before breakfast. This was obviously a milestone for me as it is an incredibly practical route for me and increases my number of steps in a day greatly.

However, a couple of days later I realized that my fitness abilities and joint abilities are not exactly aligned, as I in some way fucked up my ankle and had to practically limp home one day.

Fast forward to a few days ago and my ankle is feeling fine. So I warm up with some hard, but short, elliptical work-outs for a couple of days, and then with some light walking (too, in and from the mall to be perfectly honest. 9 000 steps though, so, what up?).

Then today at 4 am I set out to jog once again. Not only do I jog, but when I come to the hill leading up to the bridge, what do I do? You know, just what any other reasonable human being recovering from an ankle injury would do. Sprint up the fucking hill. Then proceed to jog across the entire bridge.

5 minutes later the pain hits me so hard, and I`m like “Omg, I have to turn”. Every step was just so painful. So, I turn.

And this whole walk-jog, I have been listening to the Julianne Hough episode on Lewis Howes podcast “The school of greatness” and she`s talking about being a young dancer and the whole perfectionist thing. Which makes me think about ballerinas, the only dancers I care about because they`re amazing, interesting and too me the embodiment of perfection. Above all I admire their insane work ethic. They don`t step down no matter what.

So I thought to myself “Zoë, a ballerina would never quit like this over some ankle problem, there is no blood, no bones sticking out, you`ll be fine”. So I figured that even if today wasn`t the day were I would jog that route again, it would at leat be the day were I would walk it.

And you know what? It took forever and honestly my leg got a little fucked up from the weird way I was walking, but I finished that walk. Pluss, I got some added steps from when I initallly turned and walked back.

And eventually my ancle didn`t even hurt as much.

The lesson that I took from this?

Sometimes the best way to get back where you were or get to were you want to be, is to take a step back. It can be insanely frustrating. But what`s even more frustrating than spending double the time on a route, is not being able to take it at all because your hybris makes you push yourself too far and puts your recovery back. Listening to your body is so important. If your feeling pain, there is a reason. Your body isn`t pranking you, it`s giving you important signals. And I feel like this applies to so much more. For example, if you`re feeling super anxious at work or you feel depressed when you reatreat to your appartment at the end of the day. Maybe take a step back in your career chain and see if you want to go with option b? Everything in life doesn`t have to be lineare. Maybe your living room is painted in a colour that`s draining your energy? Maybe you should get a dog? Whatever is going on in your life, take time to check in with yourself. And don`t just feel the feelings and move on. Make change where change is needed. You are worth investing time and energy in.

That`s all for this little rant. I am just so happy that I actually went through with this walk and managed to not jog even when my ankle started too feel more ok, and even more happy that I had a mini-awakening, haha. I hope that this resonates with some of you. I really feel like anything you can do for yourself, you should do for yourself.

Have a great day,

and love yourself!




Happy “not 2016”!

You guys have literally no idea just how excited I am that it is finally a new year. I am so ready to just start with a clean slate and release the whole “oh my god, what is 2016 going to hit us with next” fear. Yesterday I bought myself a flamingo themed notebook that I will use for my 2017 business. Already written down my new years resolutions (Bridget Jones style), 2017 concrete goals, big purchases list, organizational methods and summer vacation plans. For the organising I also bought a to-do list with a magnet on the back. To be honest I had no idea about the magnet, so I was just like “bonus”. Anyways, bottom line is, I am ready for 2017.


First goal I`m going to tackle is to study Psychology 2 (for my extra exams).

What`s the first goal you`re going after this year?

What`s going on over there?

To keep it short and sweet (for once) I am just posting the content from my new page “2017” goals on my main page so that you can see what it`s all about, and also so that you actually hear about it, since new pages aren`t shared in the same way as posts.

So here it is:

As 2017 is fastly approaching, I`m thinking that it`s time to really organize and structure my goals and plans to achieve them. So I`ll be adding (and maybe deleting some) on this page throughout December as I make up my mind on what I really want. In 2017, I will of course regularily post updates on how my goal reaching is going. Hey, maybe that`s my first goal? Actually sticking to something. Haha.



Anyways, as you know, I am an avid reader (I know, what a nerd ,right?), so for my first post on this page, I`m adding my reading list #dontjudge







My New Years Delusions, uhm, I mean resolutions

I am a firm believer in setting goals and working on improving yourself, so New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a highlight for me. Mostly because it gives me the chance to tell myself that the next year will be better. Usually, I`d put in a little “spoiler alert: it never does” as a half joke, but this time I really can`t see it get any worse. I mean, I don`t really think I have to get into any details here, as we are all painfully aware of what a disaster this year has been. Let`s just say that however dumb it is, I truly stand behind the “we don`t talk about 2016” memes.

So, as you might have noticed, I have put up a new page where I`ll be posting my 2017 goals and updates on my progress. For this post, I will be focusing more on the less concrete things. The general self-improvement if I may. So without further ado, here is a list of things I really want to take with me into the new year that will probably last `till approximately February 3rd.


(Legally extracted from Pixabay`s Pixaline.)

  • Stop procrastinating (painfully boring, I know), to a certain degree.
  • Start doing things just for fun, not because I feel like I can gain something from it professionally (or out of vain, if I`m being completely honest).
  • Try to cut down my Coke Zero budget (currently around 80 dollars a month) and hopefully not get Parkinson
  • Get more involved in the international blogging community
  • Stress less over things that don`t really matter
  • Take decisions based on what I want based on a 20 year plan, not a 60 year one
  • Get more involved with local charities
  • Learn more about different cultures through fictional literature, not just dull books and documentaries that focus on all the wrong things
  • Be more like Beyoncé
  • Explore the endless possibilities of hearty vegan cooking as opposed to living on a diet consisting mainly of bananas and cereal w/ almond milk.
  • Be slightly less cynical/critical/pessimistic/judgy/bitchy
  • Be more selective with what I own (AKA donate/throw out at least 60 % of my belongings, so that I can actually have some overview of what I have)

Those are some of the more general things I want to do. I hope it was somewhat interesting or that you had a “same” moment. Generally, for my posts I like to either inspire or be all hashtag relatable. Except, not in a cheesy or overly general way. Anyways, if you want to see some of my more concrete goals for the upcoming year, just click on “2017 goals” in the top menu. So what did you think of my resolutions? And