My 5 favorite youtubers


Superwoman (aka Lily Singh) is probably the YouTuber I have watched most consistently for the longest period. She is hilarious and inspiring. If you haven`t seen any of her videos, be sure to check out the “types of people” videos. Those are what got me hooked like three years ago (types of teachers and types of parents is like, where is the lie?).


Honestly, how do you look this good with crazy eyes? (

Yoga with Adriene:

I love yoga. And there is a reason why Adriene has the biggest yoga-channel. She is positive, but not annoyingly so, funny, motivating and she explains everything in a very simple way, so that you understand what you`re supposed to do without even looking at the screen. Furthermore, she introduces terminology just enough so that we remember the words. AKA, she does not try to make us learn Hindu in 5 minutes.


(Stolen from Twitter. Yes, I am ashamed of myself).

Natalia Taylor:

A hilarious story time teller/gorgeous model who really puts herself out there and continues to spread positive messages to the world. A few days ago (or maybe a week, I don`t have a functioning memory center in my brain), she released a video called “stop feeling stressed” about how some things deserve our emotional involvement, and others don`t. I.e. cry over family matters, not temp jobs.


Sonya Esman:

Vlogger and fashion YouTuber who talks about the acting and modeling industry and how she gets her jobs (gigs). She also has a Russian channel, and the amazing eastern European features that we`re all so jealous of.



Yes, I am seventeen and I watch Smosh. To be fair it`s usually with my thirteen year old brother. But the videos are usually pretty funny. Especially the “every *blank* ever” videos and the celebrity interview pranks (The Rock, J-Law, etc.) Also, one of the main guys has like a latino-ish Zac Efron look, and another used to be in the “So Random” Disney show, so like, bring on the childhood crush memories, right?

smoBilderesultat for smosh 2015The hotness.

Anyways those are my favorite YouTube channels. What are yours?

Am I the only one

Today I thought we could get to know one another a little closer, and hopefully have at least one of those “omg, I thought I was the only one” moments. Either that, or I`ll just be very emberrased of how eird or strange I am. Either way; I`m sure this is a great idea, so let`s get to it.


Am I the only one:

-who looks like a wannabe fairy when I apply highlighter

-in a love affair with pizza

-who has never watched breaking bad

-who is generally over Christmas

-who doesn`t eat ketchup

-who prefers books over people

-who eye-flirts with my image in the mirror unconsciously

-who can`t watch TV for more than two hours

-who can`t listen to music all day

-who has a notebook with my own face on

-who can read a book over and over, and same with movies and songs

-who loves boys, but hates boys

– who loves nail polish, but never wears it

-who always wears socks

-who is afraid of ghosts

-who has a favorite number


That would be all. Stay tuned for more weirdness cirka once a week.

I love wearing glasses

You know how some people hate wearing glasses? Well, I love it. It makes my feel smart, it makes me feel sexy and sometimes it even makes me feel a bit like Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks. And there aint nothing wrong with that.

In movies a girl always lets down her hair and takes off her glasses and straight up looks like a sexbomb a la Megan Fox. But when I take off my glasses I honestly just look like a beady eyed motherfucker trying to look directly at the sun. And I am not even going to get into what would happen if I made the horrific decision to let down my hair in public just straight up without any hairbrush.

Furthermore, I cannot count how many times bugs have hit my glasses when at some theme park or woods. I can`t help but think how horrifying it would be without my favorite eye-shield were not there to protect me from having my eyes assaulted by assumedly vicious bugs. My biggest fear is something I once saw on Paradise Hotel Norway (yes, I sometimes enjoy watching Paradise Hotel, sue me). A guy literally had a huge fly crawl behind his eye. Luckily, they got it back out, but that is just not a chance I am willing to take.

Well anyways, this has been my little rant. It is currently 6:55 am here and this is where my minds at. Don’t ask. Let me know what your thought on glasses are, and if you enjoyed this little rant-thing please let me know. Also in which case, I would love some suggestions about what to do a rant on next. Hopefully a longer, more structured one next time.

Until then!

“Sexy Librarian” Not At All An Oxymoron

Three of the day #4


It is that kind of day. And by that I do not mean those infamous days were everything seems to be going against you. I do not even mean that horrific first day of your period. The horrors we are forced to face this time is something much more unavoidable. Sunday. I once said that Sunday is like the last meal on death row. Of course, that is a completely exaggerated and probably inappropriate joke. But the point stands. It is hard to enjoy Sunday because it is the stepping-stone to Monday. Yet, I say we give it a shot. Hey ho, let’s go.


Advice of the day:

Today I am going to hand you with an advice that I thought I would never share. But giving that a few of my closest friends practically are professionals in this area I figured it would be appropriate. As you know, it is really hard to relax right before the week begins when a lot of us feel like we have achieved nothing this weekend. Like, literally nothing. Let’s face it, most of us have either basically grown in to or couch, filled are selves with the beautiful poison we call alcohol or possibly contracted a hush-hush disease. So instead of saying something ridicules like “do your homework” or “clean your room” which granted probably is what we should actually be doing, I am going to give you a realistic and much- better-for-your-health advice. Go into the sea of fucking epic TV-shows and movies. Just dive right in there, get hocked and spend the rest of your day getting so sucked in that you can relax guilt-free and actually be in a somewhat good mood come Monday morning. If you are a sucker for Netflix like my friends, and as much as I hate to say it, myself as well to some degree, I have some recommendations for you. Sleepy Hollow, Black List, How to get away with murder, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Grace and Frankie are pretty amazing. There is this other show to that I am desperately trying to remember the name of, but I will get back to you on that. Just follow my advice. You will not regret it. Until like 3 am in the morning. Haha, moving on.


Motivation of the day:


The world is full of adorable things. And sometimes, motivation is not just about achieving things and doing your best. Sometimes it is about feeling good and feeling motivated to do what you really want, whatever that may be. So as I said, the world is full of adorable stuff, and I feel like this day is a perfect day to be reminded of that. Therefore, I present you with, the collage!


(Thank you picmonkey. Recomend to all!)

When it comes to fashion tip of the day, just wrap yourself in duvets, blankets and covers. I know I for one am not leaving this house. The amount of snow here is ridiculous. So wear whatever you want, just, for the love of God, choose jeans over sweatpants. That clothing has just gone too far in our society. Until next time peeps!

PS: Yes, I just said peeps. What ya gonna do bout it, hunty?




Why I love kids movies

Okay, this post was not planned, at all. But I am currently watching the sequel of «Hotel Transylvania” and it is so funny. Honestly, I cannot imagine ever not finding children’s movies fun anymore. And here is why.

(this movie is AWESOME).

First of all, the most obvious reason is of course that they always end well. In other movies I am always aware that something horrible and sad is very likely to happen. And that does not mean that I do not enjoy the movie, but it is definitely more relaxing to watch a movie that is just “all fun and games”. I have to admit that I am a very stressed person in general, so when I watch a movie with a lot of suspense and hints that bad things will happen, I easily get very caught up in it and stressed. But come on, let’s be honest, we all love a happy ending. It is how we grow up after all.

Which brings me to the next point. Growing up is a necessary and fun adventure, but sometimes we need to forget everything about vacuuming, essays and bank accounts. What better way to do exactly that then watch a movie from way, way before all they liberating, yet exhausting  lessons of adulthood ever entered your life. Watching Shrek, 101 Dalmatians or Hercules is as fun know, as it was “back in the days”. Maybe even more so know that you get all the dirty jokes.


Don`t grow up, it`s a trap! ( Legally downloaded from Flickr via Google).


This is partly what the third point is built around. Most movies for children are made in this genius way when it comes to humor. Everything is said with such enthusiasm that you just have to laugh at even the stupid jokes. Other than that, the movies are designed to not majorly bore parents and, ahem, older siblings, so they also have a lot of jokes that the children will not understand, but that are funny for the elder. Is it wrong of my to laugh a little too much at Hades slightly sexualized comments like “What we need is curves” (followed by demonstrating hand motions) and “Looks like I just revealed the fore-play”. Okay, it might just be my bad humor, but in general, the principle just stands.


(Love the god, love the character. Legally extracted from this youtube video via google).

As you might know, Hades is made a very interesting and funny character in the Hercules Disney movie. You might also know that movies like this, much like the books for the same age group, are often filled with extremely odd and inevitably hilarious characters. The characters are often so strange that it is not realistic at all. Yet, as I previously mentioned, the enthusiasm and the humor level is so high that it feels believable and often the weirdest characters are our favorites. After all we are the “me” “you” generation. A movie experience is just not complete without establishing which odd character resembles your friend most and which resembles you. Then you have to say “omg, that is totally you” after basically everything the character does. Because, let’s be honest, we are all in reality just weird characters who have our own catch phrases and make horrible, yet hilarious, decisions on a daily basis.


That is why I love children’s movies!

If you are brave enough to admit that you watch these types of movies, and we all know that you do, comment which movie is your favorite and who “you” are!

Three of the day #2

Todays three of the day is actually meant for tomorrow. As we know, Tuesdays is that day of the week where the weekend feeling has passed and we feel far from half way into the week. Yet, we have to keep a positive attitude! We do not want worry-wrinkles and darkened circles under our eyes from stress and bore, now do we? Therefore, without further ado, here is this week Tuesday edition of three of the day.


Advice of the day:

This is going to sound insane, but I swear it is in a mad genius kind of way. As I mentioned earlier, Tuesdays are kind of a bore because there is really no kind of positive spin we can put on it. Except, this one. If Tuesdays are beyond saving anyways, there is really only one thing to do. We move the most boring stuff to this day, so that the days that are actually within reach of saving, can be saved. That feeling in your stomach, those rolling eyes and the voice in your head that says that it is the stupidest thing you have heard, I have those to. My aching back and sleepy eyes are all like “Zoë, are you insane?” Maybe I am. Maybe I am not. Either way, I know that we all know from experience how amazing you feel after finishing something you have been dreading, and how lovely it is to be able to relax, knowing that it is all thanks to yourself. For example, yesterday I finished my work with psychology 1, and know have all the answers and notes for the course to review before my exam. And after having worked on that for hundreds of hours, finishing it was the best feeling in the world! That is why I am going to do my painfully boring homework and assignments tomorrow, so that the rest of the week can fit in plenty of me time. And trust me, slightly narcissistic people as my self need A LOT of me time.  And I advise you to do the same (duh, advice of the day), and almost guarantee that the rest of your week will be a lot easier if you do.


Motivation of the day:



Fashion tip of the day:
Focus on accessories.
If you are like me, chances are that you will be tired tomorrow. Therefore, my advice to you is to not wear the tightest jeans and the most complicated layered tops. Instead, wear a minimalistic outfit, perhaps completely white to emphasize the minimalistic image while still looking stylish as never before. Instead of wearing a complicated outfit, focus on accessories. Long or hopped earrings pair excellent with a high ponytail, and add a statement necklace to easily look dressed up. Never overlook the power of ring sets, consisting of several slim, simple rings, and a focus-grabbing bracelet. It might be to snowy or slippery to wear shoes over boots, so prioritize purses. Choose a big, bold one or a small, complimenting one. Either way, own it! So there is my simple, yet hopefully useful, tip of the day. Basic outfit, bitching accessories.



(Collage made using Pictures all legally extracted via google. Lik to necklace Link to ring . Link to the purse

Have a super week!

And please return for more advice and awkward stories!


Three of the day #1 Why Wednesday?!

For my first ever three of the day, I will sort of focus on the good, the bad and the wednesday, which is part of both. Please excuse all of my bad jokes, my three tips are better, I swear. Okay, I hope. Lets just find out.

Advice of the day:

Wednesdays are famously known for being the dullest and longest lasting day of the week. Therefore, we must beat it. We cannot outrun it, but we can fight it. Are you bored? Entertain yourself with small games. Count how many times your teacher or boss uses that same word or says the name of that annoying person. You lack motivation? Make a list of what you are there for, both short-term and long term. Maybe you can relax better at the party this weekend knowing that you have worked hard. Or maybe you need to pass school or get through this boring Wednesday in that boring job so that you can do what you really want. Do you want to be a lawyer? A fashion designer? Or perhaps a successful entrepreneur? Do you want a big house, or a massive wardrobe? No matter what your dreams are, know that each second you are a little bit closer. And do not forget, once you are through today, Friday is only a day away!

Today’s motivation:

Yes, I am one of those grandparent-like people who use long, weird stories to make points. With that said, let us go back to my weird story that I swear has a point. Okay, as many of you may know this has been a particularly cold, snowy and icy winter. For a freshly born Bambi such as the 5 foot 10 myself, this brings some challenges. So the other day I was rushing from campus to get to the library, yes the library. As you know, in snow-filled times as these, plowing leaves us with these impossibly thick walls of snow that you have to climb. To add to my suffering, nature thought it would be a great idea to make this edge incredibly icy, and therefore slippery. So I am rushing from campus, and try to climb this massive edge-wall combo. So what happens when a Bambi tries to climb the wall of horror? I will tell you what happened. I started falling. I literally slipped around on top of this edge for 45 seconds straight. Which I wish I could say was not classic me, but unfortunately it is. So where is the motivation? Well, after slipping around with a fear and almost insight of a certain death, I actually managed to catch balance. And if I can keep myself from falling on the wall of horror with my incredibly limited capacity, you can do ANYTHING! You want to pass algebra? You can do it! You want to became President? You can do it! And you most certainly can get through this day! Reach for the stars! But seriously, stay safe on the ice.

Today’s fashion tip:

Famous words from a beloved character “On Wednesdays we wear pink”. Yes, for the first ever tip on my blog; let us just keep it simple. I personally believe that the plastics do not just wear pink on Wednesdays because it is a “girly” color, but also because on the middle day of the week you need something uplifting. It is hard to find something as uplifting as the color pink. It is simple, beautiful and reminds us of a more joyful time. Now, I am not saying that you have to put on a summer dress, a big pink shirt or even a pink t-shirt. Even though I am not saying that you should not do that, because those things are great! Except, unless you live in a particularly warm area you should probably hold the summer dress. The point is that even if it is just your bracelet, your nails or your purse that has this color, the detail will not go unnoticed and is sure to lift your outfit, and probably your mood as well!

“On Wednesdays we were pink”. Rule to live by from the classic Tina Fey movie “Mean Girls”. Hanging tight for the third! (Legally copied from Playbuzz, 03.02. 2016 via Google published may 18 2015)

That concludes the first ever three of the day edition. Let me know what you think!