MOTD/New Liquid Lipstick- I`m in love

As you know, a few days back I ordered some new make-up from my beloved “makeupmekka”. I was especially excited for the liquid lipstick (or super matte lipcream as they call it). And alas I have had the chance to try it out. Here is how it looks!

PS: The lighting here is terrible, so it was really hard to get pictures without a major glare and for some reason the colors are different from my phone to the computer, so don`t hate.

First,  one of the whole look.


One closer.


And lips.


The color is darker and more purple irl, but as you can see the lipstick is super matte and not to chappy at all. I for one am 100 % here for it and will probably order more variations. This one was the “Hangover” color.

What do you think?

Makeup haul!

I accidently broke my mascara this morning, so I had to order a new one. Of course it`s impossible for me to go on my favorite makeup site without ordering several items, so here is what I got.


My mascara of choice, Massive 5 XL Volume Mascara













I`m really hoping that the last one is as bad-ass as it looks.

Counting down to christmas

Finally got the next days of my christmas calendar. Days 12-16. More practical this time with face cleansing mousse and nail polish remover pads. But still some make-up in there. And a highligher brush, that I will without shame say, is the softest brush I`ve ever touched! mm


Newest make-up! <3

I am literally still so excited about my new Christmas calendar. Like, keep bringing on the make-up!

So today, I got for days nine, ten and eleven. And here`s what I got!


  • Lipstick- Let`s do it
  • Chubby Stick- Party in Paris
  • Pro Water Resistant Kohl Pencil – Dark Brown

Do you have a Christmas Calendar? And do you think the make-up thing is a fun idea?

Hey, nice to meet ya!

I`ve been thinking lately about what makes me engaged in a blog or a youtube channel. And what I`ve realised is that next to pretty pictures (or faces) and great content, what weighs heaviest is the person it self. The vibes and the personality. So I figured that I should probably share a little more about myself on here, and while I`m not going to go in to the boring and dark coners that we all have some of in our lives, I thought I`d just share some light facts about myself, so here we go!




Well, those were a few fun (or perhaps not so fun) facts about me. Does any of this apply to you as well?

My lipsticks are here!

This isn`t really a post-post, but I just really want to share with the world how extremely happy I am that my lipsticks have arrived from Make-up Mekka. Finally I have all twelve in the HD series 😀



The colors are described like this (sorry for my bad translation).

  • Backseat – A nude, pink lipstick that turns very faint.  Perfect for everyday wear.
  • Most Wanted Nude – A neutral nude color that fits well with pink or slightly yellow skincolor.
  • Mouth Mousse – A dark , mauvebrown color that fits the latest trend.
  • Forever 18 – A faint brown with a hint of shimmer.
  • Smashing – A cold, grey-purple that will make any look.
  • Joykiss – A coralcolored lipstick that is perfect for the summertime.
  • Bride to be – A brown-pink color that provides a delicate lip.
  • Marilyn – A neutral red that gives the classic look.
  • Fashionista – A dark fuchsiapink.
  • Youngblood –  A coral colored lipstick with a dash of pink.
  • Live Life – A pink color with shimmer that fits every skintone.
  • S Honey – A cold, pink lipstick  that will freshen up your look for any occasion.

I already tried several of the colors and they are perfect! I especially  love Bride to be!

Three of the day #7 

So, as you now know I am currently petsitting in an interestingly boring suburb. So as there is nothing going on in my life at the moment other than periodically walking a dog and waiting up for one cat and feeding the shy one, I found it difficult to find inspiration for my post. Luckily, I managed to find something. So here we go. 
Advice of the day: 

Most of us have summer vacation and the weather gods have been pretty generous this year and blessed us with several of sunny days. Although that might actually be global warming now that I think of it. Either way I would say we all have plenty of beach days and sunbathing ahead of us this year. Therefore, my tip is as simple as this, focus less on the summer and more on the vacation in summer vacation for a day. Doing things is obviously super fun, but taking it slow, that really energizes you and thats what we talk about doing every weekend but never get to do because of homework, tests and papers. So watch that show on Netflix, read that book or have a Star Wars nerd-athon. And most important of all, do not feel guilty! No law says you have to spend every sunny day outside (unless you live in Maine or the UK, than you make the sunny days your bitch). Just relax 🙂 

Motovation of the day: 

This is going to be short, because as I said, I do not really have the opportunity to find anything groundbreaking here. But here goes. I want to tell you all about a miracle. A miracle that occured yesterday. I was bored out of my mind and end up eating, alot. Among other things a baguette with nutspread and an ENTIRE pack of oreos. But you know what, I did’nt die and I did not gain weight. So I guess it’s true what they say, fortune favours the bold. So obviously my point isn’t that you should go out and eat a bunch of stuff. But I am saying that you should do what you want and not be afraid to take chances or feel dumb. If my stomach can survive, then so can you. 

Fashion tip of the day:

Speaking of bold, I am madly in love with all the bold lipcolors going around. Lipsticks, lipglsosses and lipstains. All equally amazing in bright, flashy, yet classy, colors. And lets not forget about the 2016 stapple, lipliner. But seriosly, I just bought a red lipstain and I love it! I’m totally buing at least one pink one when I get back home. Lips are so important, so lets make ’em pop! 
That would be all, have a great weekend!