My dream panel of bloggers

I was recently inspired by a company called Eventbrite, which is a ticket selling platform for event planners. I wanted to share what my dream panel would be if I were ever to hold a blogger conference.

Who would be on my panel?

It`s hard to choose as there are obviously so many amazing bloggers out there. Obviously I had to narrow it down and I figured that four is a good number. You get in some variation, but it`s not chaos. You know? So these are my choices.

Sophie Elise-


This is the biggest blogger in Norway. At just age 22 she is a known household name all over the country and she makes a really good living of her blog and is frequently seen in nation vide commercials as well as on our reality show “the bloggers” (bloggerne). The reason I would love to have her at my panel is that I would love to ask her more about her political views, as she supports a different party than me, yet has many views I agree on. She is also known for having had a lot of plastic surgery and I would really want to ask her about what made her do it and if it`s made her any happier. Also if she has any advice for others who are considering getting something done and what questions she thinks you should ask yourself before going through with it.

Aleali (Uh-lay-lee) May–

This image consultant and model is not just incredibly gorgeous and stylish, she is also a young successful entrepreneur and local LA celebrity. Since her blog is purely style based with pictures and descriptions, I have so many topics and questions that need answers from her. Like, what is it like going to Columbia business school?  Was styling Kedrick Lamar or Wiz Khalifa the most fun? What is racial identity like when you`re half african-american and half Filipino? But what I would most like to get out of having her on the panel, is spreading the idea that it`s not only possible to have a style that`s both high-end and street, it`s can also be 100 % amazing. Talk about best of both world.



When I first got asked to do this post, the first person I was sure I was going to include in my panel, was Jasmine. I have read her blog ever since I joined WP, and I am continually impressed by her. At only fourteen she is such a good writer and deep thinker, and her blog is basically what I tried to do when I was her age and failed at. And her style is A+! I would love to have her at my panel because “the young perspective” in so many situations means under 35, but really there is a whole group of people who are not being heard and are seeing the world in a totally different way that we should listen more to. Young teenagers have the curiosity and innocence of children, but also some life experience, knowledge and  vocabulary that makes them able to present their views.


There are two things in life I`ll never get enough of (okay there are many, but here`s two of them), clothes and travels. Krystals blog is full of inspiration regarding both of these subjects. This is the go to blog for outfit ideas, travelling reviews and boosting about the 90s generation. Obviously all of these topics would be discussed, but even more important. East Coast vs West Coast! When will this ever not be a relevant and heated topic? Well, never, that`s when. Krystal has a lot of experience from both. Tell us all the inside secrets, Krystal! Also, she worked for google for five years! I`m sorry for rambling guys, but I can`t help that she`s both stylish and impossibly interesting. After watching “the interns”, we all want to no if working at google really is like that. Anyone who denies is is definitely lying.

What would I ask them?

I`ve already talked about some things that I want to know about them individually, but obviously the whole point of a panel is to get different views on the same topic. And to get to know interesting people and public figures of course. So here are some of the main questions I`d ask them.

  • If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who and why?
  • Do you believe that you can change the world through blogging? How?
  • What do you love most about your city?
  • Do you believe in pink?
  • What makes you unique as a blogger?
  • Where should our main focus be in the womens rights issue?
  • Subscribe and comment? haha

Where would it take place?

Probably at some really cool mall in London where all the under aged fashionistas would come in rain soaked and fan girl.


So there you go. That is my fantasy blog panel. Check out Eventbrite and the services they offer – it’s pretty cool!

You can go here to see what events they have going on in your area and here to set up your own! 🙂

And if you want to see my dream panel come to life or see me at someone else`s, then you can click  here, here or here to make me famous. Hahaha.

Plus size modeling vs straight size modeling

So, I really want to be a model, and I hope to move to London in the near future to pursue this. The only thing is that my current size is too big for “normal” modeling. I know that there are a lot of great opportunities for plus size models in London, and that many bigger models are having a lot of success lately. How ever I know that there are far more successful straight size models than plus size, and that they generally get better jobs. Lately I have been working really hard to lose weight and I have managed to lose around 15 and a half pounds. I guess what I`m asking is if you guys think I should continue to lose weight and then try my luck in the modeling world or if I should just go for it as a plus size model. My biggest concern with the plus size option next do the difficulties of the field, is that I`ll have to “keep up my curves” which might be hard now that I`ve come into the habit of exercising at least 2 hours a day, and could hold me back in acting as well.

What do you think I should do? And if you don`t have an answer, maybe you could help contribute to my pro-con list?

Bilderesultat for ashley graham

Ashley Graham is def 100 % gorgeous.

Bilderesultat for victoria secret model adriana lima

But Adriana Lima is a total boss.


Top 6 towns/cities I`d love to live in

I see my life going in a lot of different courses. And I am really hoping that I am wrong, and that instead of courses, they are fases. And that I get to experience everything. If I do, this is how it will go.



Firstly I`d model in London. Because it`s away from home, but still close if I were to, you know, break every bone in my body or something. Honestly, classic me thing to do. But the real reason I want to live in London is that it`s home of all cultures. And I`m not just talking race. I mean all the awesome sub-cultures like punk, posh and goth.



My ultimate dream is to go to Harvard and study buisness law. Which is a four year study that gives you a master in buisness and doctorate in law. So naturally this beautiful city is on my list. But before a kick ass as a student in the most prestigious university in the US, there is a stop in Scotland.

From top to bottom, left to right: the Boston skyline viewed from the Bunker Hill Monument; the Museum of Fine Arts; Faneuil Hall; Massachusetts State House; The First Church of Christ, Scientist; Boston Public Library; the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum; South Station; Boston University and the Charles River; Arnold Arboretum; Fenway Park; and the Boston Common



To be honest, I haven`t decided between Earlston, Galashiels and Melrose yet. But I definitely would like to take 6 months at the scotitsh borders to just enjoy the silence of a small town where I don`t know anyone and the amazing scottish culture and “dreich” weather. This is of course where I`d live out my dream of publishing a small novel.

Main Street, Earlston.jpg



As a vegan with hipster tendencies this is probably the place I`ve romantacized most in my life. I don`t even know what I`d do here. I just know I want it.

Clockwise from top: Downtown Portland viewed from east bank of the Willamette River; the Wells Fargo Center; Portland Aerial Tram and Mount Hood; Jackson Tower and Fox Tower viewed from Pioneer Courthouse Square; St. Johns Bridge; U.S. National Bank Building

Oregon, not Maine btw. Obvs haha.


As the future President of the US or at least a congressman (woman) Washington is of course where I`ll settle in my 30s or 40s.

Clockwise from top left: Smithsonian Institution Building, Rock Creek Park, National Mall (including the Lincoln Memorial in the foreground), Howard Theatre and the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Los Angeles

Like our beloved Ronald Reagan, I`ll start in acting. What better place to start then the city of angels?

Clockwise from top: Downtown Los Angeles skyline, Echo Park, Venice Beach, Vincent Thomas Bridge, Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles City Hall, Los Angeles International Airport


Other cities of my interrest include San Fransisco, Milan, Rome, Lûbeck and Prague.


What cities do you want to live in?