I got a makeup Christmas calendar!

So as you might know, I am a 17 year old high school student, so I still live at home. Which means that every year I get a Christmas calendar to count down the holidays with a small gift a day. Usually I get stuff like lip-glosses and lollipops (which are both things I love), but this year the game stepped way up! So, obviously I December first was a while ago, but I didn’t really care, my mom is always a little late with the calendar, so I think it’s funny. What’s even better is that for every day that goes by I`ll have one more item to look forward to. Which means that today I got eight gifts! And the items? You guessed it. Makeup! Specifically from MakeupMekka which is my number one favorite makeup company for many reasons! Primarily that they have amazing and super pigmented (and smooth/comfortable af) products and don’t test on animals J

Anyways, here is a picture of the amazing stuff I got!


Pro Water Resistant Kohl Pencil- black

Beautyblender/Blending Sponge Pink

Moisturizing Balm Chubby Stick- Natural Knockout (just tried it, so smooth, so shiny, I`m in love!)

Glow Girl Face and Body Liquid Highlighter 

Smooth and Creamy HD Lipstick- Naughty Nordic

Shine Trio Cream Highlighter/Blush/Bronzer (actually already had this, but shh, don`t tell)

All Natural Soothing and Protective Lipbalm

Lipstick Wheel- Fabulous Five


That angelic feel that comes with new makup.


Where do you prefer to get your makeup from?




My newest order from MakeupMekka has arrived!

Okay, so a couple days back I decided to give myself a little treat, because thats what summer is all about. Right? Probably wrong. Either way I decided to order some nail oil and lip scrub and balm to keep my nails and lips alive and well. And also some lipgloss and nailpolish for vanitys sake. Vanity is basically my middle name. Unfortunately though, that part of my took a big hit when the nailpolish I ordered in the belief that it was and orangy red actually turned out to just be orange. Ouch. Luckily, I ordered three different colors, and the two others were perfect!

Anyways, here is what I got for my money



  • Dream Girl
  • Friday
  • Innocent

All in the “Girl Next Door” package.


  • Front
  • Lucky
  • So what

My lipsticks are here!

This isn`t really a post-post, but I just really want to share with the world how extremely happy I am that my lipsticks have arrived from Make-up Mekka. Finally I have all twelve in the HD series 😀



The colors are described like this (sorry for my bad translation).

  • Backseat – A nude, pink lipstick that turns very faint.  Perfect for everyday wear.
  • Most Wanted Nude – A neutral nude color that fits well with pink or slightly yellow skincolor.
  • Mouth Mousse – A dark , mauvebrown color that fits the latest trend.
  • Forever 18 – A faint brown with a hint of shimmer.
  • Smashing – A cold, grey-purple that will make any look.
  • Joykiss – A coralcolored lipstick that is perfect for the summertime.
  • Bride to be – A brown-pink color that provides a delicate lip.
  • Marilyn – A neutral red that gives the classic look.
  • Fashionista – A dark fuchsiapink.
  • Youngblood –  A coral colored lipstick with a dash of pink.
  • Live Life – A pink color with shimmer that fits every skintone.
  • S Honey – A cold, pink lipstick  that will freshen up your look for any occasion.

I already tried several of the colors and they are perfect! I especially  love Bride to be!

Three of the day #7 

So, as you now know I am currently petsitting in an interestingly boring suburb. So as there is nothing going on in my life at the moment other than periodically walking a dog and waiting up for one cat and feeding the shy one, I found it difficult to find inspiration for my post. Luckily, I managed to find something. So here we go. 
Advice of the day: 

Most of us have summer vacation and the weather gods have been pretty generous this year and blessed us with several of sunny days. Although that might actually be global warming now that I think of it. Either way I would say we all have plenty of beach days and sunbathing ahead of us this year. Therefore, my tip is as simple as this, focus less on the summer and more on the vacation in summer vacation for a day. Doing things is obviously super fun, but taking it slow, that really energizes you and thats what we talk about doing every weekend but never get to do because of homework, tests and papers. So watch that show on Netflix, read that book or have a Star Wars nerd-athon. And most important of all, do not feel guilty! No law says you have to spend every sunny day outside (unless you live in Maine or the UK, than you make the sunny days your bitch). Just relax 🙂 

Motovation of the day: 

This is going to be short, because as I said, I do not really have the opportunity to find anything groundbreaking here. But here goes. I want to tell you all about a miracle. A miracle that occured yesterday. I was bored out of my mind and end up eating, alot. Among other things a baguette with nutspread and an ENTIRE pack of oreos. But you know what, I did’nt die and I did not gain weight. So I guess it’s true what they say, fortune favours the bold. So obviously my point isn’t that you should go out and eat a bunch of stuff. But I am saying that you should do what you want and not be afraid to take chances or feel dumb. If my stomach can survive, then so can you. 

Fashion tip of the day:

Speaking of bold, I am madly in love with all the bold lipcolors going around. Lipsticks, lipglsosses and lipstains. All equally amazing in bright, flashy, yet classy, colors. And lets not forget about the 2016 stapple, lipliner. But seriosly, I just bought a red lipstain and I love it! I’m totally buing at least one pink one when I get back home. Lips are so important, so lets make ’em pop! 
That would be all, have a great weekend! 

OOTN #1 

As you don’t know, but in a second will know, I am “babysitting” a dog and two cats in the middle of nowhere. The cats are a bite shy, but I have had the oppurtunity to take plenty of pictures of and with the dog. And know as my boredom has grown, of myself as well after putting on make-up and pysjamas. I know, feel free to judge. Therefore, I must ask, do you have any sugestions for what I can do tonight? And I don’t have internett on my laptop.. Yup, blogging from the app, #likeapro. So please don’t judge my spelling errors.

Here is the dog BTW. His name is Lexus 🙂

And here is the evidence of my boredom:

As you can see my ootn is not the traditional little black dress or miniskirt, but rather my leopard print Ralph Lauren pysjamas. Keepin it real. Haha. Anyways, tell me what you been up to today. And if you have not done anything either, then just make something up and I wil pretend to believe you. Anyways, that is all for know. I swear I will blog something worthwhile tomorrow!

Please help me with my choice!

As you know, today is Valentines Day. Congratulations to all you lovebirds by the way! But here in Norway, it is also mothers day. Which means that I was supposed to give my mother a gift today, however I do not recieve my pay check until tomorrow, which means I will be buying her present tomorrow. Or tuesday, depending on the time. But the point is, that I do not know what to get her. Originally, I was planning on getting her a laptop. But I am not sure anymore. So please help me decide. Her are the options.



HP Stream 13-c102no 13.3″


Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11

She just needs a simple laptop for paying bills and surfing the webs, haha. So I figured either of these would do. I personally have a thing for small, cute laptops.



Millefleurs du Mexique- Hermès

I love Hermès twillys! They are just so cool and simple and work with almost anything and for everyone. And I think this mixture of red, coral and salmon would do perfectly with her complexion!

Petal RoseRouge Louboutin

Petal Rose Sheer Voile- Louboutin        Rouge Louboutin

Is this the most relaxing lipstick color ever, or what? And her is the nailpolish that has practically dominated the field since 2014.


Or, as a fifth option, her wishes. Which are a book, a green eyeliner and burgundy lipstick and nailpolish.


Your help is VERY much appreciated!