Colors-schmolers. Quiz?

I have like the biggest nerd thing for color schemes for some reason, so I am definitely going to write about it in the near future, but for the time being, I just want to test your knowledge. Phones down, pens up!

Fashion is not always colorful, but it is always fun!

(Legally extracted from Youtube via Google. Extracted 02.05.2016. Published 02.14.2015. It is not possible to link here without getting the video placed in my post, but it is called “Fall/Winter collection, Fashion Design Illustration, 2015” and is by “Wendy liow” who is an amazing artist!)

What are your thoughts on seasonal colors? And more importantly, this seasons colors.  Also, as the wannabe people pleaser I am, I have to ask, do you like these type of quizzes?



Hello World!

Even though I really do not want to start off as the nerd that keeps the suggested tittle, it looks like I am going to. But that is not because I am completely hopeless with computers, even though I seriously am. It is simply because I think it is a fun, somewhat childishly interesting title that I might have gone for anyways. Well, with that out of the way I guess I should properly introduce myself. My name is Zoë Noel and I am sixteen years old. I am originally from Rochester NY, but I am currently staying in Europe were I am trying to finish High School early. I love writing, fashion and combining the two! This is my first non- prepubescent blog, so please do not judge to quickly. I am doing my best, and I would really appreciate any critique. All though I do not shy away from flatter either. Ha-ha, sorry, all my jokes are hopelessly douche-baggy (just going to assume that is a word). My blog, Zee Noelle`s world will primarily be focusing on fashion and trends, but I also want to mix in some everyday life, fun and culture. I am just starting out though, so the building process is just going to have to take its time, but I think this will be a great experience for me, and I hope that it will for you as well!