The most beautiful woman in the world

I think it’s so interesting how much our aesthetic perceptions differ. I know that beauty is largely  explained by science and has to do with symmetry and culture and all that. Yet there have been plenty of times where I’ve been like “omg, look at that girl, isn’t she gorgeous?” or “damn, look at that guy!” and whomever I have said it to have looked at me like I’m crazy. And it happens the other way around a lot to.

Personally I tend to find pale girls with dark hair and large eyes so beautiful! (Lily Collins, Rose McGowan types.). And dark skinned girls with freckles as well. 

For the most beautiful woman in the world I’d say Winona Ryder (especially in the late nineties, allthough she is a timeless beauty!). 

So who do you think is the most beautiful woman or women in the world? And do you have a specific look you love? 

PS: I call this one the Snow White, don’t judge. 

What`s the scariest movie you have ever seen?

As I am writing this I am about to hit play and rewatch the scariest movie I have ever seen. And I can`t help but wonder why it is that whats scary is so unbelievably objective. When I was younger I never watched scary movies. I didn`t think they were scary or interesting. Also, the predictability was ridiculous.

Later though I have discovered a lot of actually good scary movies, though I still prefer psychological thrillers, with famous actors and directors that manage to keep it interesting. But with all the movies I have seen from “nightmare on Elm Street” to “the house at the end of the street”, the scariest movie I have ever seen, is still to this day, Coraline. I don`t know why. Maybe it`s the creepy button eyes, or maybe it`s the fact that it highlights the fact that we always try to overlook, that we are actually alone in this world. In the words of Kathy Bates in the “P.S I love you” filmation, “we are born alone, and we die alone”.

Side note: I think “Coraline” is the most terrifying movie ever, but my favorite scary movie is forever “Scream”. #zeefunfact. I also LOVE “The House at The end of the Street”, and not just because of the super hot guy.

What`s the scariest movie you`ve ever seen?

Be honest. This is a judgement free zone. Unless you wear crocs. That shit has to end.

Which accessorie is more important?

Personally I will always swear to shades and purses. But obviously I also believe stongly in the power of shoes, and statement jewelry. And all other accessories. But what I`m wondering is, what`s your favorie accessorie(s)?

What would you like to see more of?

I know my posts have been a little all over the place lately (all this passion and only one blog aah). So I was wondering, which types of posts do you prefer? And are there any that you would like for me to start writing? 



And also which of these do you think I should try (I mean, if any haha)?


Quote post follow up: Polls

I`m always interested in hearing some opinions, and admittedly, gaining some statistics, because yes, I`m a nerd. So having just posted my personal favorite quotes, I thought I would hear what you find preferable in this area, and who knows, maybe I`ll post some more later on. So here goes.






Bonus question: What`s your favorite quote?

Decisions, decisions

So, my moms birthday was about a week ago, but I never got time to get her a present. Today however, is finally my day off, which means that I know do have time. But this leaves me with to decisions to make. First off all, what should I get her? Secondly, should I bring it buy her office or just have it wait for her at home? Also, it’s sort of a rainy day today, so I am trying to decide between going home after and cozying up with a good book or go to the library to get some studying done. Sorry for the boring text and all the questions. I would really appreciate your opinions.

So first off all, what should I get my mother. She likes flowers, but she also likes, ya know, stuff. So I am between a bouquet and a purse. Maybe both. Hmm. And please et me know if you have a better idea!




Thanks guys!


My day so far

As a write this, it is noon., in other words, the day just started. However, as I got up pretty early today, I feel like I`ve already got some stuff done.

So here is my day so far.

I got up at 03:30 am for some tea and a magazine.


I then got some writing and planning done.


After this I took an, um, *cough* #nojudge, cab, to the gym. The gym opens at 5 am, so I made sure to be there at that time, as I have to leave already at 5:50 to have time fo the 30 minute walk home before I get ready for school.


Yes, I did accidentally take pictures without my head. To my defence I have never taken a gym selfie before, and therefore felt a lot of pressure. Yup.


Saw this beautiful three on my way home. I was also going to take a picture of the view from the bridge, but I was listening to Beyonce, so you can see how I was not as focused as I should have been.

After my half hour walk, I got home, got dressed and had some nicecream for breakfast. Unforunately, my nicecream turned out super ugly, so I just could not take a picture. But I can disclose that it was cocoa and pb. I also hung out with my cat.

Later, I went to school where I got a few books for the summer.


Later I am probably going too either go shopping, go to the library or take a walk. Maybe all if I have time. What do you think I should do?



What have you done so far today, and what do you have planned for later?