Which accessorie is more important?

Personally I will always swear to shades and purses. But obviously I also believe stongly in the power of shoes, and statement jewelry. And all other accessories. But what I`m wondering is, what`s your favorie accessorie(s)?


Where I`ve been

Disclaimer: Provocatively boring

So to all of you who have not unfollowed me yet, please consider this my apology/excuses letter.

As you probably know, I love blogs. I love writing them, I love reading about them and I love talking about them. However, I have not been able to write for what has been probably several months now because I have been genuinely busy. So here is what I`ve been up to.

Okay, first off all I got a job. I was a sales agent for the biggest company in Norway, and it was totally awesome. Cool people, cool products and even a cool boss. Unfortunately though, after already getting super involved, I had to take a break as it turns out I have an illness that I`ve long been suspecting. I`m not sure what it is called in English, but basically what it does is make you tired, shaky, depressed and prone to get sick, along with a few other annoying effects. So now I have to spend all this time finding out to what degree I have it and what medication I need. But that’s boring and personal. Ha-ha, sorry.

Secondly though, I have been studying for exams outside of school so that I can hopefully finish High School a year early, as you have to complete 13 years in Norway, not 12, which is just way too long for me. Anyways, I got a couple of exams out of the way this semester and end up with an A in psychology and a B in social economics. Usually I would feel bad getting a B, but this was a seriously hard subject to study on my own and besides, I can always take the exam again.

helpersdMy two beautiful helpers.

Also, I ordered the Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but it turns out “these boots where not made for walking”. Even though I felt super fly and powerful in those heels, I decided that breaking my ankle did not seem all that tempting and send them back.

Lastly, I finally became a vegan! I have been a vegan since may know, and it feels great! I literally don`t even miss chocolate, which I would never have foreseen. I recommend it to anyone. But I will write about that later. For now I just want to apologize for this horribly boring post. I promise the next will be much better and back to normal. Please dont unfollow! Haha. Until next time.

Jeffrey Campbell heels <3

Lately, I have been looking at these amazing boots from Jeffrey Campbell. The only problem is that all of them are so incredibly cool that I do not know which pair to go for. So I must once again ask for your help. Which of these should I go for?


The first once are these grey, that seem perfect for work and everyday, especially with leggings and black pants. You can buy them here.


These beige ones remind me of one of my Candies which I love! And they seem very office-y. I don`t know, correct me if I am wrong.  You can buy them here.


I love black. We all do. So these speak for them selves. You can buy them here.


6th class me would throw herself at these, and present day me is struggeling not to as well. Spikes are so cool! You can buy them here.


Like I said, I LOVE glitter, and it being in right now is the best that has happened! Unfortunately though, they do not have these in my size right now, but you can still vote on if I should wait for them. You can buy them here.

Okay, those are the options. Please vote! I seriously appreciate your help!

Three of the day #3


Said no normal, living human being ever!

Still we cannot be defeated just because this day stands for everything evil. The end of the weekend, the start of a new week at school and work, getting up early after no sleep, sacrifices of young virgins. Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the point. We have to turn this douchy day around! Therefore, with no further ado, here are my suggestions.

(http://1purplepixie.deviantart.com/art/Monday-special-165755965. Legally downloaded from deviantart via Google.)

Advice of the day:

Take naps. It is called power naps for a reason. They give you the power to get through the day. And when do you need that the most? Mondays. My friend and I are basically just walking zombies. Even now when I am writing this post in the school cafeteria, which is really fun since I love blogging, I am leaned over by sleepiness and basically dead. So this s being written from a semi-laying position. That does not make it any less important though. After school, I have two hours before work, and you best believe that I will be napping. Yes, sometimes after a nap I feel horrible. I am dizzy, dehydrated and itchy as fuck! But in the long run, when you do not fall asleep involuntary or keep losing focus in conversations, it is definitely worth it. Besides, while you are napping, you feel better than ever. And I think one of the most important strategies for getting through tiresome days, is taking breaks were you just forget about everyone and everything. Yoga, books, daydreaming and naps are perfect for this. Advice of the day: Take a break!

Bilderesultat for yoga

(Legally extracted from Youtube via google.)

Motivation of the day:

The snow is disappearing, which can only mean one thing. The shoe season is right around the corner! Dig out your convers, your ballerinas and your high heels. The ground is nearly bare and you can wear anything on your feet without the fear of dying. Unless you were crocs, than I will kill you. Other than that, go crazy! The motivation to get you through today is that you can go home and raid your closets, suitcases and boxes from under your beds. And do not forget the wonders of shopping! Shop `till you drop, literally if you forget to nap.


(Sparkling shoes are my favorites. By here at Zalando.)

Fashion tip of the day:

Belt up! Even though the snow is close to gone, and the weather is getting warmer, it is still cold enough that we dress warm. This often involves big, woolen garments. For example ponchos and big sweaters. This can often be excessive and lumpy. Therefor my tip is to put a belt around your waist so it feels less overpowering and so that you feel more, you know, women like. Plus, small things like this can often make or break an outfit. So belt up, bitches!


(Genius cape-poncho that comes with belt. Buy here at Zalando.)

Hopefully, these tips helped your day a little. In the same way that blogging helped mine.

Happy napping!