Green Smoothie Recipe

Lately I`ve been super into green smoothies. And I know that there are a lot of variations of them out there, but i wanted to share my recipe with you and also write about some of the health benefits of this smoothie. You know that I`m a sucker for food (and drinks) that meet on that sweet spot in the middle of the healthy and delicious venn-diagram.


This recipe is my adaptation of model and youtuber, Alexandria Morgan`s and you can find hers here.  So without further ado, here is my green smoothie.


General and health based benefits:


  • Vitamin K and calcium for bone health
  • Vitamin A, vitamin C and iron for healthy skin and hair (aka aesthetics, jot that down)
  • Low calories, high satisfaction
  • Magnesium for cardiovascular health


  • slow releasing energy
  • good for rebalencing electrolytes
  • great pre workout food
  • lots of fiber
  • makes the smoothie booth sweet and extra nutritious

Ginger root:

  • Adds some great spiciness to the smoothie
  • Helps digestion
  • Reduces nausea (seriously the best cure for hangovers)
  • Reduce menstrual pain
  • Help fighting the cold or flu

And the berries will obviously depend on which you use, but in general, low in calories and high in nutrients. For optimal health I would recommend throwing in some blueberries though. You know the hype.


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Ovenbaked Veggies! <3

I am obsessed with ovenbaked vegetables lately! They’re so good, filling and low kcal 🙂 

And super versatile! 

They can be eaten:

-on their own

-with coucous/quinoa

-with potatoes (or fries/sweetpotato fries)

-with beans

These are the ones I’m having today.

Bell pepper, zucchini,tomato, red onion and avocado. I also often have eggplants. The spice I’ve used is garlic powder. 

After I took this picture I drisselef some mushroom slices over. You can also add sweetcorn 🙂 

What is your preffered method of preparing vegetables? 

Recipe for vegan milkshake

I told you this was coming, and now I`m delivering.

This is one of my all time favorite drinks/meals. And I can almost guarantee it will be one of yours as well!


What are you waiting for? Go make yourself a delicious, less than 200 kcal milkshake!


I am literally obsessed with cinnamon and its delicious strong flavor lately. Maybe it`s me wanting to hold on to the fall? I don`t know, but I`m into it.

Bilderesultat for cinnamon

Here is what I`ve been using it for lately:

  • warmed apple
  • mashed banana
  • tea
  • coffee
  • vegan milkshake (will post recipe later, it`s delish!)

What do you use cinnamon for?

The ultimate breakfast food: Coffee Smoothie


At the moment I am so tired, it`s basically a cosmic injustice. I am also so parched and in the want for something refreshing. This is putting me in a one-track mindset. Coffee smoothie! The ultimate restauration and coffee food, total double trouble. Unfortunately I can`t have it, as the only bananas I have are frozen, but I am going to share the recipe with you. Hopefully, one of you will make it so I can live through you. Haha.

Anyways. I love sharing these kinds of things, since I know that a lot of people don`t really know what vegans eat and are kind of curious as to how filling and good the food is. So I thought that instead of just giving you a recipe, which I am going to do, I`ll also let you know some of the benefits of this smoothie. But first, here`s the recipe!


General and health based benefits:



  • makes you awake and ready for the day
  • full of antioxidants
  • boosts metabolisme (3-11%)
  • lowers risk of diabetes


  • slow releasing energy
  • good for rebalencing electrolytes
  • great pre workout food
  • lots of fiber
  • makes the smoothie booth sweet and extra nutricious


  • one of the most nutrient-dense foods avaible
  • can lower cholesterole and stabilize blood sugar levels
  • rich in antioxidants
  • makes you feel heathy as f**k


  • full of antioxidants
  • lots of protein for a plant
  • almost all the carbs are fiber
  • high in omega-3 (higher levesls than salmon even)
  • good for your bones
  • easy to incorprate in you diet (have it as a pudding, or just throw it in there with literally anything

Sources/further reading:


Christmas baking <3 (photo series)

I don`t know if this is a thing in the rest of the world, but in Norway there is this old idea that you should bake seven types of cakes/cookies for christmas. I personally am not 100 % a Martha Stewart type of person, but I wanted to try to bake at least a few types. So I assembled my crew (my mom and my cousin) and went on this mission. Side note: vegan eggreplacer is A+. So here is my small picture series from todays baking.

Last made, pictured first; Meringues

So cute, so tasty!

Our main project though, were these amazing hazelnut cookies!

These raspberry cookies are very close to the best part of christmas! My whole family loves them, and now my cousin and I have learned how to make them. This is almost to much power to handle.


And my mom made these super cool things that I have no idea what are called in English, but basically they are thin, crispy cones that you put whipped cream and jam in.


Also, my mom got us these super cute boxes to keep the cookies in!




My cousin posing proudly with our work 😉


My cat suspiciously lurking in the kitchen.


Bella and Donna feeling left out 😦


Merry almost christmas!


Where I`ve been

Disclaimer: Provocatively boring

So to all of you who have not unfollowed me yet, please consider this my apology/excuses letter.

As you probably know, I love blogs. I love writing them, I love reading about them and I love talking about them. However, I have not been able to write for what has been probably several months now because I have been genuinely busy. So here is what I`ve been up to.

Okay, first off all I got a job. I was a sales agent for the biggest company in Norway, and it was totally awesome. Cool people, cool products and even a cool boss. Unfortunately though, after already getting super involved, I had to take a break as it turns out I have an illness that I`ve long been suspecting. I`m not sure what it is called in English, but basically what it does is make you tired, shaky, depressed and prone to get sick, along with a few other annoying effects. So now I have to spend all this time finding out to what degree I have it and what medication I need. But that’s boring and personal. Ha-ha, sorry.

Secondly though, I have been studying for exams outside of school so that I can hopefully finish High School a year early, as you have to complete 13 years in Norway, not 12, which is just way too long for me. Anyways, I got a couple of exams out of the way this semester and end up with an A in psychology and a B in social economics. Usually I would feel bad getting a B, but this was a seriously hard subject to study on my own and besides, I can always take the exam again.

helpersdMy two beautiful helpers.

Also, I ordered the Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but it turns out “these boots where not made for walking”. Even though I felt super fly and powerful in those heels, I decided that breaking my ankle did not seem all that tempting and send them back.

Lastly, I finally became a vegan! I have been a vegan since may know, and it feels great! I literally don`t even miss chocolate, which I would never have foreseen. I recommend it to anyone. But I will write about that later. For now I just want to apologize for this horribly boring post. I promise the next will be much better and back to normal. Please dont unfollow! Haha. Until next time.

Why I am a vegetarian

When I was born, one of our three cats would always sleep next to me to make sure I was safe. A few years later, I moved, to be closer to family, and met the dog Leon who was born the same year as me. His eyes always looked filled with love and compassion, and together we discovered a love for the forest. Out in nature you do not use words or devices to communicate, only looks and vibes. And any being is capable of that. Mankind, canines, felines, you name it. Did you know that a sheep never forgets a face? That an elephant can experience deep depression? That some apes can die from a heartbreak?

We have all seen Babe or Charlotte’s web, and it is a roller coaster, right? We just cannot have anything bad happen do that adorable little pig, and when everything works out great, we are so happy! Yet, in real life, it doesn’t seem to bother people to much that pigs are forced to get pregnant again and again, until their body cannot take it and they die of a heart attack from the strain. Before that, they have close to permanent open wounds on their bodies as a result from laying all the time in a small, enclosed space. Let us play a game, a game called who suffers the most. The baby pig who is ripped away from his or hers mother to soon to be fattened up and slaughtered as if they mean nothing. Or the mother who keeps being forced to get these babies, but never gets to keep them and doesn’t know where they are or why their gone. Who has it worse?

Bilderesultat for charlotte's webhhh

Expectations vs reality.

(Both legally extracted via google. First is on youtube as True Movie Hits (CH.44) – Charlotte`s Web by TrueVisionsOfficial and the second on wikipedia;

Chances are that you are a decent human being who does not intend  play this game at all. Because it is not a game. It is real life. And there are no winners. I guess the reasons why I had to discuss this, is because I myself have been having some struggles lately. A bad feeling, accompanied by some frightening nightmares about, yes, the food industry. Because I am not a vegan, I am not really even a vegetarian. I eat dairy, eggs and fish. And I feel bad about it. So bad that this text is apparently coming to a conclusion that I did not even know it would until I started writing this very paragraph.

What I wanted to say is that I am guessing many of you have felt the love and wisdom from cats, dogs or even tortoises. So why would we think that pigs, cows and chickens are any less? Because they are delicious? Josh Hutcherson is incredibly hot, but that does not mean that he is not intelligent as well. Many things awaken the primal in us, but we live in 2016, which means that we should let reason and compassion win. We are not cavemen, we are enlightened, modern and change wanting people with all that comes with it. So I wanted to say that even if you do not feel like making a big decision, just do baby steps, or honestly, just being aware of things and thinking about them usually subconsciously helps us make better decisions.  I guess there are just so many aspects and benefits to this that I will have to write about it some other time. But as I earlier stated, the direction kind of took a change in my head as I was writing and thinking about all the animal cruelty and how bad I feel when I eat these products. So with that in mind, I am going to make my 2016 mission a tomorrow mission and just go cold turkey on the animal products. And after seeing this video, I am even more sure about my decision, because this is by far the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.

(Legally extracted from youtube.)

Like I said, I do not think that I am better than anyone who eats meat, because I am not. I just hope that we can all work together to create a better world for all. And I believe that change begins with awerness.


Hello World!

Even though I really do not want to start off as the nerd that keeps the suggested tittle, it looks like I am going to. But that is not because I am completely hopeless with computers, even though I seriously am. It is simply because I think it is a fun, somewhat childishly interesting title that I might have gone for anyways. Well, with that out of the way I guess I should properly introduce myself. My name is Zoë Noel and I am sixteen years old. I am originally from Rochester NY, but I am currently staying in Europe were I am trying to finish High School early. I love writing, fashion and combining the two! This is my first non- prepubescent blog, so please do not judge to quickly. I am doing my best, and I would really appreciate any critique. All though I do not shy away from flatter either. Ha-ha, sorry, all my jokes are hopelessly douche-baggy (just going to assume that is a word). My blog, Zee Noelle`s world will primarily be focusing on fashion and trends, but I also want to mix in some everyday life, fun and culture. I am just starting out though, so the building process is just going to have to take its time, but I think this will be a great experience for me, and I hope that it will for you as well!