My 5 favorite youtubers


Superwoman (aka Lily Singh) is probably the YouTuber I have watched most consistently for the longest period. She is hilarious and inspiring. If you haven`t seen any of her videos, be sure to check out the “types of people” videos. Those are what got me hooked like three years ago (types of teachers and types of parents is like, where is the lie?).


Honestly, how do you look this good with crazy eyes? (

Yoga with Adriene:

I love yoga. And there is a reason why Adriene has the biggest yoga-channel. She is positive, but not annoyingly so, funny, motivating and she explains everything in a very simple way, so that you understand what you`re supposed to do without even looking at the screen. Furthermore, she introduces terminology just enough so that we remember the words. AKA, she does not try to make us learn Hindu in 5 minutes.


(Stolen from Twitter. Yes, I am ashamed of myself).

Natalia Taylor:

A hilarious story time teller/gorgeous model who really puts herself out there and continues to spread positive messages to the world. A few days ago (or maybe a week, I don`t have a functioning memory center in my brain), she released a video called “stop feeling stressed” about how some things deserve our emotional involvement, and others don`t. I.e. cry over family matters, not temp jobs.


Sonya Esman:

Vlogger and fashion YouTuber who talks about the acting and modeling industry and how she gets her jobs (gigs). She also has a Russian channel, and the amazing eastern European features that we`re all so jealous of.



Yes, I am seventeen and I watch Smosh. To be fair it`s usually with my thirteen year old brother. But the videos are usually pretty funny. Especially the “every *blank* ever” videos and the celebrity interview pranks (The Rock, J-Law, etc.) Also, one of the main guys has like a latino-ish Zac Efron look, and another used to be in the “So Random” Disney show, so like, bring on the childhood crush memories, right?

smoBilderesultat for smosh 2015The hotness.

Anyways those are my favorite YouTube channels. What are yours?


What would you like to see more of?

I know my posts have been a little all over the place lately (all this passion and only one blog aah). So I was wondering, which types of posts do you prefer? And are there any that you would like for me to start writing? 



And also which of these do you think I should try (I mean, if any haha)?


Reasons to love workout videos + my faves

Okay, first off, sorry I haven’t really posted anything in ages. I just have a lot going on at school, and obviously I have also been very busy with exploring the world of workout videos.  That being said, lets get into this post.

So as you know, I am a HUGE fan of yoga. I just think it`s a great way to build muscle, get that mind-body connection, relax and continuously reach new goals when it comes to flexibility. Usually I do this by watching “Yoga with Adriene”. She is basically my guru. So usually for my work outs, I have done strength and cardio at the gym and yoga at home. However, now that I`ve got an elliptical (which I am planning to talk about in a separate post, because yay!), more and more of my workouts have been at home. And at some point I got the idea to look into different kinds of workout videos (like Victoria’s Secret inspired videos, ballet videos, etc) and I am so glad I did. So without further rambling (yes, I really could go on for longer) here is five reasons why I love this, and my favorite videos and channels.


  1. Most obvious: General at home comfort. I mean this has a whole undergroup of reasons. But most importantly is it that I don`t have to spend half an hour getting ready and then another half hour (at least) getting there. Because my “gym” is just a few stair steps away. Also, as embarrassing as this is to admit, I have realized that I work A LOT harder when no one can see me. I think we can all agree that the facial expressions and sounds that come with a hard workout, aren`t always of the flattering kind. So I`d rather just have an audience of my cat rather than a bunch of Barbie’s and Adonis’s, thank you very much.
  2. Obviously the gym is fun and has a lot of cool stuff, but it’s very easy, at least for me, to get stuck in a work out rut. And at the end of the day, its all either cardio, strength or set classes. With these videos I can do any work out I want any time I want. And the videos them self are also full of variation. As opposed to doing running on a treadmill for an hour and doing some squats in the corner.
  3. The fun. I get that people love Zumba classes and stuff like that. But I personally feel like what’s much more fun than going to a Zumba class every Wednesday at 4:35, is following a 20 year old Alyssa Milano work out video, then a Bollywood dance class and rounding it off with a super specific yoga video.
  4. The target possibilities. Of course the gym has different machines for different muscles, but not enough to make it fun or long lasting enough. Besides when you`ve targeted that on area for 20 minutes and are getting tired and cramped up, it does help to have a fun YouTube personality encouraging you.
  5. The learning. I am the type of person who enjoys learning about pretty much anything. And thanks to “Catherine Elizabeth” on “Psychetruth” I will forever know that my inner thigh muscles are called “adductors” and the outer “abductors”, and that makes me happy.

So as promised, here are a few of my faves.